The Ultimate Guide to Travel Nursing: 100+ Resources and Guides

With a shortage of nurses affecting hospitals and medical centers across the nation, travel nursing is growing as a popular solution. Travel nursing involves taking short term positions anywhere nurses are needed. These positions can last anywhere from a few months to a year and often, housing and other basic expenses are covered by the employer. If you enjoy working in new environments and want to try out nursing in a variety of places, this kind of career can be a great solution for you. If you perform well, you may even be able to turn a temporary position into a permanent one. Here are some resources to help you learn more about travel nursing and find out how you can participate.

General Information

Get the basics on travel nursing and some helpful information from these sites.

  1. Travel Learn the basics of travel nursing here. You’ll find out what you can expect to be paid, learn about jobs around the country, and much more.
  2. Ultimate Nurse: This site provides some basic information about travel nursing as well as job listings, employer information, and forums where nurses can discuss their experiences.
  3. State Licensure Information: Make sure it’s legal for you to work in all the places you travel to by checking out the guidelines for state licensure on this site.
  4. Travel Nursing Central: Travel nurses can come together for advice, rankings and information on this site dedicated to creating a community for travel nurses.
  5. Professional Association of Nurse Travelers: Join this association to get in touch with other nurses who are taking advantage of all that travel nursing has to offer.
  6. NurseZone: While this site has loads to offer to all nurses, there are a number of informative articles and resources that can be especially useful for travel nurses.
  7. NursingCenter: Get access to thousands of articles from medical professionals and journals on this site. While it’s directed at nurses in general, there is a large travel nursing section.
  8. Go Travel Here you’ll find resources to help you figure out if travel nursing is for you, select an agency or recruiter, and get some helpful tips on traveling.
  9. The Travel Nurse: Get information on salaries, national and international positions, agencies and much more on this site.
  10. Healthcare Traveler: This magazine is dedicated just to those medical professionals who have chosen to take their careers on the road. You’ll be able to learn about the latest technologies and what jobs are in the highest demand.
  11. Travel Nurse Toolbox: Find help on packing your bags, finding a travel nursing agency, chatting with other travel nurses and a lot more with the resources listed on this site.
  12. Squidoo Lens on Travel Nursing: If you’re still in search of more resources, you may find what you need on this large Squidoo lens for travel nurses.
  13. RN Today: Get advice in the forums, browse jobs or just learn the basics of the business through this informative site.
  14. Travel Nursing Magazine: Read up on the latest issues in travel nursing, get helpful advice and much more from this online magazine.

Recruiters and Job Sites

The first step in becoming a travel nurse is, of course, to find a job. These sites can help you get the job you want in the location you’ve been dying to visit.

  1. Travel Nurse Across America: Take the work out of finding a travel nursing position by going through this recruiter. You’ll get access to great jobs and even some special benefits packages as well.
  2. Access Nurses: This site offers regular nursing jobs as well as a large number of travel nursing placements in locations like Colorado, California and New Mexico.
  3. Cross Country TravCorps: Find a huge variety of travel nursing positions through this site. It offers competitive rates and benefits as well as jobs all across the country.
  4. American Traveler: This company has 25 years experience in helping nurses find travel nursing positions and has loads of jobs to check out.
  5. Fastaff: Here you’ll find nursing jobs in all kinds of desirable locations in the United States.
  6. ProCare USA: Get great assistance in finding the job you want in the location you desire from this staffing company that’s been in the business since 1990.
  7. MedStaff: This site provides access to listings of thousands of travel nursing jobs as well as reviews from other travel nurses, client listings and much more.
  8. InteliStaf Travel: Find personal assistance in getting a travel nursing job that’s just right for you from this company. You’ll find jobs in almost every specialization.
  9. American Mobile Healthcare: With shortages of medical professionals all over the country, companies like this are working to provide hospitals with the nurses they need. Give it a try if you’re looking for employment away from home.
  10. Travel Nurses Now: This company not only helps nurses find great travel jobs, but also provides them with benefits and housing.
  11. HealthCare Seeker: Whether you’re looking for full time employment as a nurse or for exciting travel positions, this site has listings that can help you find what you need.
  12. NursesRx: This company encourages nurses to pursue their dreams of working in a different state by giving them access to loads of job listings and assistance in getting hired and making the move.
  13. Continental Nurses: Find a job just about anywhere in the United States through the listings and services provided by this company specializing in travel nursing.
  14. 50 States Staffing: Whether you want to work near the beaches of Hawaii or through the cold winters of Minnesota, this site has jobs for nurses in all states that pay well and provide tempting benefits.
  15. Onward Healthcare: Great travel nursing and per diem jobs are at your fingertips through the resources offered by this healthcare professional staffing company.
  16. Northeast Travel Nursing: Those who would like to relocate to the northeastern US for a short or long term nursing assignment may have the best luck going through this company, which specializes in jobs located in that region.
  17. Travel Nurse Depot: Want to search for jobs in a particular region or specialty? You can do just that with the listings through this site.
  18. PRN Travel Nurse Services: This company aims to work with the needs of nurses to find them jobs that suit their needs in location, specialty and duration of assignment.
  19. American Traveler Staffing: Become part of the growing number of nurses taking the travel nursing career path with a little help from this staffing and recruitment company.
  20. O’Grady Peyton: This company works with nurses in the UK, US and Australia to find them employment in locations all over the United States and even in the Middle East.
  21. Medical Express: Make finding a new travel nursing job easier than ever by going through this recruitment company.
  22. CSMI: Billed as one of the leaders in travel nursing staffing since 1983, this site offers nurses the chance to find great jobs anywhere they’d like to live.
  23. Advantage RN: Make good money while seeing places all over the United States with staffing assistance from Advantage RN.
  24. Nightingale Nursing: This recruitment site is dedicated to helping you find the job you want in the location you’ve always wanted to visit, along with some nice compensation packages.


Read up on all kinds of issues that face travel nurses with these articles.

  1. Travel Nurses: Take Advantage of Available Tax Deductions: Why pay the government more than you should? This article will show you how you can lower the amount of taxes you’re paying by taking advantage of discounts offered to travel nurses.
  2. What You’ll Need On Your First Day: Having some jitters about becoming a travel nurse? This article will let you know what you’ll need to get up and running no matter where you choose to go.
  3. Pay and Benefits for Travel Nurses: Learn what you should expect to be paid as well as other forms of compensation you should receive with this helpful article.
  4. What a Travel Nursing Company Seeks In You: You may know what you want from a travel nursing job, but this article can help you find out what it is that hospitals and companies want to see from you before they hire.
  5. Top Ten Links to Help Travel Nurses Save Gas: Gas can be expensive these days and if you’re traveling to your work every day it can add up quickly. This article provides links to 10 sites that can help nurses save money on their commutes.
  6. Top Locations for Travel Nurses: Get some info on the hottest destinations for travel nurses so you can decide if you’d like to compete for these jobs or take your skills somewhere else.
  7. Travel Nursing Contract: This article gives you some advice on what to look for and expect in a contract so you don’t get taken advantage of.
  8. 4 Reasons to Consider Travel Nursing: Still debating whether or not travel nursing is right for you? This article highlights some reasons why you may want to give it a try.
  9. Fitting In: How Travelers Can Better Adjust to New Assignments: Make yourself feel at home before you even arrive with some advice from this article on settling into your new position.
  10. How to Save for Retirement While Traveling as a Nurse: Just like any career, nurses need to think about saving for the future while they’re working now. This article will give travel nurses some pointers on creating effective retirement plans.
  11. Travel Nursing Requirements and Expectations: Find out what you’ll need to do or arrange before making the leap into travel nursing.
  12. Traveling Nurse Careers: Fact Versus Fiction: There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about travel nursing. Dispel them by taking a look at this article.

Guides and Tips

Everyone can use a little help and guidance now and then and you can find it from these informative sources.

  1. 7 Steps to Becoming a Travel Nurse: Want to make a career transition, but you’re not sure where to start? This article can show you step-by-step how to get into travel nursing.
  2. Making a Career as a Travel Nurse: If you’re unsure as to what it will take to make your way through a career as a travel nurse, give this article a quick read. It will let you know what will be required and what you should expect.
  3. How to Avoid Identity Theft While Travel Nursing: Identity theft is a major problem for people all over the country, not just travel nurses. This is a helpful guide to keep you from having to deal with the effects of identity theft as you travel around for assignments.
  4. 10 Tips for New Travel Nurses: Those just starting out as travel nurses can get some helpful advice and tips on their new careers with the simple suggestions in this article.
  5. 7 Keys to Choosing the Right Travel Nursing Agency: Finding a good agency is essential to making sure you enjoy and want to repeat your travel nursing experience. This article can give you some helpful tips on making sure you make the right choice the first time around.
  6. 7 Tips for New Travelers: Travel nursing can be a great experience or a horrible one depending on how you handle it. These tips can help beginners get the hang of it.
  7. Careers, Jobs, and Average Salary for a Certified Medical Assistant (CNA): Are you making what you should? This guide will let you know.
  8. Insider Tips on Choosing the Best Employer: There are loads of hospitals that would love to bring in your nursing skills and expertise, but how can you know which one is right for you? Check out the post on this blog for some advice from a fellow travel nurse.
  9. What to Bring On Your Travel Nursing Trip: Not sure what to pack and what to leave in storage for the few months you’ll be away? This guide will give you some helpful pointers in packing light.
  10. Taking to the Road in an RV: Some travel nurses may want to travel to their next destination in an RV. This helpful guide will give you the insight you need to making this arrangement work.


What better way is there to learn about travel nursing than from those in the field? Check out these blogs for first hand experience.

  1. Try Travel Nursing: This blog gives advice and insight on just what goes into the day-to-day process of being a travel nurse.
  2. Travel Nursing Blogs: Here you’ll find loads of authoritative and informative articles on travel nursing, from telling the stories of other travel nurses to helping you find local resources to ease your transition to a new place.
  3. Travel Nurse Aim: Here you can read about the travels of nurse and mother Amy. She provides advice to other travel nurses as well as details of her own experiences in this blog.
  4. Highway Hypodermics: Get news on the latest in travel nursing, recommendations for recruiting companies and more on this blog by author and nurse Epstein LaRue.
  5. Travel Nursing Employment: Learn the basics of travel nursing from this to-the-point blog.
  6. Travel Nurse Source: Read about all kinds of topics involving travel nursing in this blog, from male nurses to nursing shortages nationwide.
  7. Goatgirl’s Beginnings as a Travel Nurse: If you’re thinking of becoming a travel nurse, read about this nurse’s transition into the field and how she’s dealt with the issues thrown at her.
  8. I Love Travel Nursing: You’ll be able to read up on everything from avoiding germs on the job to inspirational stories from other nurses on this blog.
  9. Adventures in Nursing: This male travel nurse is currently working in Memphis but has done stints all over the United States, most recently in Roswell, New Mexico. You can read about his dealings with patients, his family and more on this blog.
  10. Killer Rants: This blogger may not be what you think of when travel nurse comes to mind, but his blog is full of entertaining rants about the medical profession and his personal life.
  11. RN on the Road: Blogger Ellen worked for two years as a travel nurse, going all over the United States. Today she works in pediatric transport, but you can still read about her adventures through the archived posts and her trials on the road transporting patients.
  12. Sarah’s Daily Dramatics: Follow the travels of Sarah, a young travel nurse, as she lives and works in the San Francisco area and moves on when her assignment ends.
  13. Have RN, Will Travel: Blogger Zanne discusses her travel nursing experiences on this blog, offering advice to newbies and relatable stories for travel nursing veterans.
  14. Ask Conrad: Get answers to your questions about travel nursing from blogger Conrad. Send in your own questions or read his answers to other questions on this blog.
  15. Nurse This blog combines posts from several different bloggers in the field of travel nursing. You’ll get to hear both the pros and cons of entering the field.

Moving Resources

Moving can be a pain, but you can help make it a little easier with assistance from these sites.

  1. Get links to moving companies, rentals, and real estate with this comprehensive site.
  2. Find a new place to live or sell your old one, plus get access to loads of helpful moving tools on this site.
  3. LocalEstimates: Get a quote on your move to see if it’s worth it to pay someone else to take care of it or if you’re better off doing it on your own.
  4. You’ll get access to hundreds of apartment listings on this great site. There are listings for every state, so no matter where you choose to move you’ll be covered.
  5. Don’t forget to change your address with the post office so you’ll get all of your mail at your new address.
  6. This site is full of real estate listings from all over the United States whether you’re in the market to buy or just to rent.
  7. Trip: Make your drive to your new location a little easier with resources and maps from
  8. Find great lodging deals while you’re on the road with searches from this comprehensive hotel site.
  9. CheapTickets: For those who are flying between destinations, this site can be a great place to find the lowest prices on tickets to just about anywhere.
  10. CityTownInfo: Get the lowdown on your new city with this site that provides reference data, maps, history, links and more.
  11. BestPlaces: Find out what city is best suited to you depending on your needs and wants using this great online tool.
  12. Protect Your Move: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides these tips and resources on making sure your move is disaster free.
  13. The Salary Calculator: Figure out how far your new salary will go in the city you’re moving to with this online tool.
  14. Find a new home, make arrangements to sell your old one and compare prices on this real estate site.
  15. Moving Checklist and Tips: Make sure you’re not forgetting to do anything essential when you make your move by using this great checklist.
  16. Nurses for Nurses: If you’re worried about where you’ll live in your new city, you’ll get some assistance from this organization, created just for travel nurses to help them find safe and convenient lodgings while they’re traveling.


Keep in touch with others in the field through these useful online forums for travel nurses.

  1. Nurse Forum: You’ll find hundreds of other nurses to chat and share experiences with on the forum. There is a special section for travel nursing and per diem nursing.
  2. Ultimate Nurse: Chat up others in your field with this great forum. The boards contain job postings and allow nurses to chat with other nurses and recruiters, plus get advice on housing and travel.
  3. All This nursing site provides a large and active discussion board for travel nurses to get helpful tips and even advice on the best ways to travel.
  4. Travel Nurse and Therapist Forum: Here those in the medical and mental health professions will be able to talk and get advice on how they deal with traveling for their careers.
  5. Renal Travel Nurse: If you’re interested in this particular specialization, you can visit this forum and meet others with similar career goals and travel aspirations.

Unique Travel Experiences

If you’re looking for a more adventurous travel experience you may be able to find it with these organizations.

  1. Nurses With a Purpose: Use your nursing skills to make a difference for people all over the world through this organization. Volunteer to travel to countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia and experience healthcare a world away.
  2. Flying Nurses International: Get the chance to travel all over while enjoying sharing your nursing experience through this company. You’ll be set up to escort those who need nursing assistance as they travel, taking them there safely and letting you explore the world.
  3. Dialysis at Sea: If you love the open water and want to get paid for cruising this may be the way to do it. This company provides dialysis services to cruisers so they’ll be healthy while enjoying a vacation. They need nurses specializing in the field onboard, and you could fit the bill.
  4. Mercy Ships: You won’t get paid to work on a Mercy Ships operation, but you will gain a insight into the health issues of other countries and get some great experience while seeing the world. You can sign up for assignments that last anywhere from two weeks to a year.
  5. Vanter Cruise Health Services: Enjoy a Caribbean Cruise while getting paid with jobs through this agency. You’ll be set up with cruise ships in need of medical personnel so you can travel and work at the same time.
  6. Association of Camp Nurses: Want to get away just for the summer? You may be able to with a job as a camp nurse. This association provides loads of info as well as job listings.

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