100+ Ways to Look Younger, Better and Healthier

Who doesn’t want to look their best no matter his or her age? With modern science, a nutritious diet and a dedication to your overall health, there’s no reason why you can’t look healthy and vibrant well into your retirement. Whether you’re still young and trying to stave off the effects of aging or someone older hoping to turn back the clock a few years, these tips can give you some insight into how you can look great no matter what decade of your life you’re in.


These general suggestions are a great place to start thinking about your health as you age.

  1. Act young. Those who remain active and social will likely not only be happier but will appear to others as being younger and more vibrant than those who sit at home and wallow in their advancing age. So get out there as much as you can, stay active and act as young as you feel.
  2. Get enough sleep. Getting enough rest can have a huge impact on how you look and feel so try to get enough each night to allow you to wake up refreshed and without huge dark circles under your eyes.
  3. Quit smoking. Everyone knows smoking is bad for your heart and lungs but it can also prematurely age your skin and give you wrinkles around the mouth from constantly puffing. Quit smoking or cut way back to reduce the harmful effects.
  4. Stay hydrated. Your body needs water to stay healthy and to feel your best you’ll want to drink enough each day to keep your body in tip top shape. It can improve the look of your skin and have a positive effect on numerous body functions.
  5. Take note of your posture. If you’re slouching over you’re probably not doing your body any favors nor are you making yourself look younger. Make a concentrated effort to sit up straight and walk with your shoulders back.
  6. Lower your stress. Everyone has occasional stress in their lives but if you feel yours is being taken over by stressful situations it could be causing you to age prematurely. Reduce the amount of stressful situations you have in your life or allow yourself to take breaks and relax each day.
  7. Get energized. Moping around or constantly yawning isn’t going to give anyone the appearance of youth. Find ways to get yourself up, moving and motivated each day whether it’s through a workout or from a fun favorite activity.
  8. Find happiness. Going through life feeling alone and unhappy isn’t going to make you look or feel any younger. Reach out to friends and family for companionship, find new groups to meet up with and make an effort to do things in your life you truly love and you’ll take years off your age.
  9. Get involved. Don’t sit at home waiting for life to come to you, get out there and take it on. Find groups that share your interests, start playing a sport or volunteer with local organizations. You’ll feel better about yourself and look better in the process.
  10. Make your health a priority. Paying attention to health issues is often something people put off in favor of convenience or lack of time. This attitude can allow health issues to become major concerns instead of providing them with preventative measures. Make taking care of yourself a big priority in your life to look better and live longer.
  11. Keep your brain active. Help yourself feel younger by keeping your brain in tip top shape by giving it daily workouts. Do a crossword puzzle, read a book or challenge it with discussions, learning and memory games.
  12. Meditate and relax. The effects of stress can make you look haggard and tired and much older than you actually are. Meditation and relaxation can give you a chance to escape from those daily stressors and allow you body to repair and rejuvenate.
  13. Get outside. A little sunshine can make you feel better, give your skin a little color and help your body to produce much needed vitamins. Plus, the outdoors is a great place to get active and keep in shape.


Whether you’re worried about losing it or just want to ensure it looks fabulous at any age, check out these tips.

  1. Change your style. Had the same haircut since the early 80′s? It might be time for a change. Keep your hairstyle up-to-date or change it up now and then to give yourself a fresher, more carefree and youthful appearance.
  2. Add highlights. Sometimes a few simple highlights around your face can make you look lighter, more vibrant and ultimately younger. Ask your stylist what would work best for you.
  3. Choose a great color. If you do choose to color your hair, make sure you’ve chosen a color that will work with your natural skin tone and won’t cause you to look washed out. A good color can make you look better and make you feel more confident.
  4. Choose a cut that allows movement. As we age, our hair often loses much of its natural body as it dries out and changes texture. Choose a cut that involves layers or is designed to allow hair to move and make the most of natural body and bounce.
  5. Keep hair shiny. Shiny hair gives the appearance of health and youthfulness. Use conditioners and styling products that promote shine or try putting your blow dryer on cold for a burst of shine when styling.
  6. Go lighter. As you age, you may find that your once lovely dark color now makes you look much older than your actual age. Try lightening it up a bit to bring brightness to your face and make you look younger and healthier.
  7. Work with the gray. Whether you choose to cover up your gray hair or to leave it as it is you’ll need to treat it differently than you’ve treated your hair in the past. Gray hair often has has different texture and you’ll need to use special dyes and products to help it look its best.
  8. Use your hairstyle to hide wrinkles. Got a wrinkly forehead? You may be able to cover it up with some bangs. Choose a style that’s best for your face shape and you can easily and stylishly cover up some of your most telling lines.
  9. Condition only the ends. You could be bringing down the body of your hair by conditioning it at the roots. Try conditioning just the ends of your hair to see if it gives you a little more bounce.
  10. Wash every other day. Washing your hair on a daily basis could be drying it out and causing it to frizz, especially as hair becomes dryer with age. Wash hair every other day unless necessary to get healthier, more manageable hair.
  11. Go shorter. Long hair could be making you look much older than you are by detracting attention away from your face. Try a shorter cut as you age to give your face more focus, lighten up your appearance and make you look younger.
  12. Shave off that beard. For men, a beard can sometimes add on unwanted years especially if its gray. Try shaving it off for a clean, fresh face. If you don’t like the look, you can always grow it back.
  13. Trim unwanted hair. As we age, we often begin to get more hair in unwanted places like the nose and ears for men and on the face for women. Keep these hairs in check to look better and give the appearance of greater youthfulness.


One of the biggest organs in your body, your skin deserves to be taken care of. You can get some advice in keeping it young in these tips.

  1. Try microdermabrasion. Many skin treatments designed to keep it looking young and fresh employ harsh chemicals or potentially dangerous toxins to erase lines. Microdermabrasion uses tiny crystals to slough off the top layer of skin, making what is left behind, smoother and supposedly, more line free. You can go to an expert to have it done or even try it at home.
  2. Never wear makeup to bed. It can allow bacteria to grow and can clog your pores causing your skin to break out. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser before bed to ensure it’s clean and fresh before bed each night.
  3. Avoid harsh facial products. Cleansers containing alcohol may promise to get rid of oil but they can also dry out your skin, making it look duller and emphasizing wrinkles. Worse, it can cause skin to become even more oil to compensate for the dryness. Choose gentle facial products to keep your skin balanced and clean.
  4. Moisturize. Ensure your skin stays hydrated by using a moisturizer once a day. Pollution, age, weather and even air conditioning can dry out skin and make it look older and tired so give it a much needed boost of moisture to keep it looking good.
  5. Wear sunscreen. Too much exposure to the sun can wreck havoc on your skin, causing it to prematurely wrinkle and possibly giving you skin cancer. Wear a light sunscreen every day to protect skin as well as a more powerful one if you plan to be out in the sun for a long period.
  6. Limit sun exposure. If you do want to enjoy being out in the heat of summer try to protect your skin the best you can by staying in the shade, using a beach umbrella, wearing hats or just limiting the amount of time you’re in the direct sunlight.
  7. Sleep on your back. While sleeping on your stomach may be comfy, it can be causing you to get some unwanted wrinkles. Sleep lines form when you lie on your face and over time they can become permanent. Try sleeping on your back at least for part of the night.
  8. Try retinols. Some dermatologists believes that products containing retinols can help skin look younger by strengthening and replenishing collagen and elastin, unclogging pores and smoothing skin. It doesn’t hurt to try them for a few months to see if you get any difference and younger looking skin.
  9. Use gentle exfoliators. Products that contain sugars or sea salt can be a gentle way to get a great, youthful skin glow and to eliminate the dead skin on the surface of your skin.
  10. Erase spider veins. These visible veins that show up on skin as we age can make even the youngest looking skin seem older. You can eliminate them through sclerotherapy, which over a several treatments can eliminate the worst of them altogether.
  11. Reduce puffy undereyes. This can be done in a variety of ways. You can use products designed to reduce puffiness, sleep with your head slightly elevated, or cool them with a chilled cucumber or spoon.
  12. Invest in sunglasses. Sun exposure to the eyes can not only damage your eyesight but it can also increase the amount of wrinkles around your eyes, making those crows feet more noticeable over time. Find a stylish pair of sunglasses you like and wear them to drive or be out in the sun.
  13. Get a facial. Facials can help give your skin a much needed deep clean, reduce acne and help you learn more about your skin type and how you should be caring for it. Best of all, you can emerge with younger, more glowing skin.
  14. Protect skin from the elements. While most people are careful about protecting their skin from the sun, the winter wind and cold can also take a toll on skin. Make sure to use extra moisturizers to keep skin from cracking during the coldest months.


The old adage you are what you eat has more truth than its coiners may have thought. Make sure your diet is ensuring you’re healthy and looking good for a long time with these tips.

  1. Eat superfoods. What are superfoods? They’re foods with multiple benefits of eating them that can include slowing down aging, lowering cholesterol and even reducing your risk of cancer. These include foods like broccoli, salmon and yogurt which you should make an effort to incorporate into your diet.
  2. Limit drinking. While a glass of wine or beer each day may do you some good, overindulging in alcohol could be making you look old, not to mention hurting your liver.
  3. Go organic. Why fill your body with chemicals and hormones found in foods if you don’t have to? Try making the switch to organics to improve your health and well-being.
  4. Eat omega-3 fatty acids. These fats, found in salmon, walnuts and flax seeds, provide a myriad of benefits. They reduce inflammation, prevent excessive blood clotting, inhibit cancer cell growth and help skin look younger and healthier.
  5. Drink green tea. Green tea is filled with powerful antioxidants that can help you fight the signs of aging as well as reducing the risk of certain illnesses, fighting infection and inflammation and possibly even serving to help you lose weight.
  6. Avoid highly refined foods. Foods that have been highly processed like white breads and pastas can often do you more harm than good. Stick to more whole grains as refined products break down more easily into sugars and causing you to feel hungrier sooner.
  7. Get enough proteins. Proteins are an essential part of a healthy diet as they help the body to produce hemoglobin, build cardiac muscle and much more as well as helping you to feel fuller and eat less while still getting a balanced healthy diet.
  8. Vary your diet. You may love carrots but eating an all carrot diet isn’t healthy, not to mention that it might turn you an unsightly color orange. Make sure you’re getting a lot of variety in your diet and eating enough dairy, fruits and veggies and proteins to keep you strong and healthy.
  9. Kick the junk food habit. A little junk food now and then isn’t going to hurt you, but when now and then becomes every day it can start to become a problem. Most junk foods are loaded with chemicals, fats and sugars that can be harmful to your health can cause you to put on weight, both undesirable to looking younger and healthier.
  10. Embrace antioxidants. Oxidation of bodily tissues is a normal part of our body’s interaction with the physical world, but it’s also what causes these tissues to age and degenerate over time. Antioxidants can help repair this damage and fight off harmful free radicals, so make sure you’re incorporating at least a few antioxidant rich foods into your diet.
  11. Eat the rainbow. One way to ensure that you’re getting a wide variety of healthy foods is to eat a lot of colorful veggies and fruits. From leafy greens to orange carrots, these foods are packed full of nutrients that can help keep you healthy and young for years to come.
  12. Eat less. Studies have shown that people who eat smaller portions and overall take in fewer calories may live longer than their more high-calorie counterparts. Of course, this should absolutely not be taken to the extreme as a certain number of calories are required to keep our bodies functioning and healthy each day.
  13. Go for whole grains. Whole grains take longer to break down in our bodies, requiring more energy to eat and keeping you full for longer. When it’s possible, choose whole grain alternatives over their more refined counterparts for a healthier, more well-balanced diet.
  14. Stop yo-yo dieting. These kinds of diets are not only poor ways to sustain your lower weight they can also lead to a loss of elasticity in your skin making you saggy. Commit to a weight loss and fitness program you can actually stick to so your body can stay at a healthy, happy weight.
  15. Reduce your sugar intake. Foods high in sugars can not only cause you to gain weight but new studies have shown that they might actually cause you to wrinkle more as well. Sugar has been shown to speed up the degradation of collagen and elastin, the substances that keep your skin looking young and supple so cut back on the refined sugars and stick to naturally sweet treats like fruits.


With age, many find their bodies sagging or bulging out in places they never did before. Here are some tips to help you keep your figure in the best shape possible.

  1. Do cardio. Studies have shown that even a little bit of exercise each day can do wonders for longevity and health. So whenever you get the chance get up off the couch and get your heart pumping to stay in shape and even extend your life. Best of all, you’ll look great for all those extra years.
  2. Stretch out with yoga. Many injuries are caused by a lack of flexibility. You can help prevent these kinds of injuries by participating in exercises that push you to gain more flexibility like yoga and pilates. You’ll be able to improve your range of motion and look younger and more graceful in all you do.
  3. Get sweaty. Not only will this ensure you’re getting a good workout, but the sweat can also help rejuvenate your skin by flushing out toxins that can cause it to look dull and old.
  4. Have sex. Not only is sex a good workout it also dilates arteries, bringing blood to the surface of the skin and giving you a healthy, youthful glow.
  5. Join a gym. One way to motivate yourself to work out is to make a monetary investment in your health. You don’t want to waste the money you’re pouring into a gym membership each month so you may be more inclined to get up and get moving if you join a gym.
  6. Find a workout partner. If you’re having trouble enjoying your workouts or just getting to the gym period you may fare better by teaming up with a friend. You’ll likely work harder with someone else there to push you and you’ll get to enjoy the social benefits of it as well.
  7. Make everyday tasks more active. Doing chores around the house can be a great way to get active while getting things done. Try using a push lawn mower instead of a riding one, or adding a little extra oomph to your cleaning routines to get your heart rate pumping.
  8. Play with children. What better way to be youthful than to surround yourself with those who truly are? You’ll get a workout trying to keep up with the youngins and you’ll be able to embrace your more fun, childlike side.
  9. Lift weights. Fitness isn’t just about running, jumping and aerobics. Building muscle mass is an incredibly important part of getting in shape, especially as you get older. Make weight lifting an integral part of your workout to help tone and trim your body to keep you looking great.
  10. Take to the water. Many people’s joints simply can’t take intense cardio workouts like aerobics or running as they get older. One way to get the benefits of a workout without the painful joints is to engage in things that take place in the water. You’ll get the resistance of the water to help strengthen you without the strain on your knees.
  11. Care for joints and muscles. If you do plan to work out, make sure you’re not overdoing it. One surefire way to look older than you are is to give yourself a hobble or a hunch from hurting muscles and joints. Stretch and relax muscles and ensure that joints are properly cared for each time you work out.
  12. Make it fun. If your workout is a horrible trial for you, chances are pretty good that you’re not going to do it pretty often or stick to it. Make the physical activity you engage in more fun whether it’s by playing a sport, chasing after your children or just finding a friend to come with you.

Teeth and Bones

While you may not always be able to see them, your teeth and bones form the framework for your entire body, so it’s best to keep them in good shape.

  1. Keep your teeth white. As a normal part of the aging process, teeth tend to yellow as we age. You can help keep yours looking white by using over the counter whiteners or by visiting your dentist for professional treatments.
  2. Smile. Going around with a dour old face on isn’t going to make you look younger or better in any way. Smile and laugh as much as possible and people won’t even have a chance to notice your age.
  3. Sip through a straw. Many products like juices and sodas have acids in them that over time can have a negative and erosive effect on the enamel of your teeth. When you have these kinds of beverages, try drinking them through a straw to keep them away from your teeth.
  4. Create a routine. Make sure your pearly whites stay that way by creating a dental care routine and sticking to it. Brush, floss and rinse your mouth out with mouthwash on a regular basis to ensure your teeth stay clean and decay free.
  5. Get them checked out. Many people truly hate going to the dentist, but its a necessary part of maintaining a healthy and youthful looking body. Dental health can have a big impact on other health conditions as well, so make sure to get regular checkups each year.
  6. Take in plenty of calcium. Calcium as well as other vitamins, is an essential part of building strong teeth and bones. If you’re not taking in enough from your diet, try taking supplements to ensure that your bones won’t end up fragile and brittle.
  7. Avoid carbonated beverages. Studies have shown that carbonated beverages can cause calcium loss in the bones. A few sodas now and then won’t hurt but a daily habit could take a toll on bone strength over the years so try to cut back when possible.
  8. Stay active. Regular activity helps to strengthen bones and keep them in tip top shape even into old age so make time for at least a little physical activity each and every day.
  9. Keep hormones regulated. Women need estrogen and men need testosterone at adequate levels in the body in order to absorb enough calcium. Making sure that these hormones are at good levels is key to avoid osteoporosis in later life.
  10. Check your medications. Some medications may react adversely with calcium and other bone building vitamins in your body. Check with your doctor to see if there are any side effects of your medication that could be negatively affecting your bone health.
  11. Start early. Our bones reach their maximum density at around age 20, so it’s best to start early when building strong, healthy bones. That said, it’s never too late to start caring for your bones.

Cosmetics and Personal Care

Here are some tips on using your personal care products, cosmetics and other toiletries to keep you looking young and healthy.

  1. Choose a young scent. If you like to wear perfume you could use your scent to make yourself appear younger. Studies have shown that women who wear a scent that involves pink grapefruit notes were perceived as being as much as six years younger than they actually were.
  2. Use makeup to brighten skin. If your skin is looking dull try brightening it up with some makeup. A good bronzer or blush can give it a much needed burst of color and make you look younger and healthier.
  3. Hide dark circles and age spots. Dark circles and age spots can make you appear much more tired and old than you really are. Cover them up with a good concealer or camouflage makeup to give you an instantly younger face.
  4. Don’t use foundation to cover wrinkles. While it may seem to even out skin tone, foundation will sink into the wrinkles, making them appear much deeper than they really are.
  5. Don’t overdo it. Wearing too much makeup can actually make you look older, not younger. Try using lighter formulas or those with skin brightening elements to give your skin a boost without having to encase it a layer of makeup.
  6. Shape your eyebrows. Sometimes a simple tweeze of the eyebrows can do wonders for your face, lifting and highlighting your best features. Learn to do it properly yourself or have them professionally waxed for an instant facelift.
  7. Choose flattering shades. Bright white metallic eye shadow or dark rogue may have worked for you at one point in your life but trends change. Choose shades that flatter your hair, eye and skin tones and you’ll look younger and more attractive.
  8. Use less soap and styling products. Using an excess of products in the shower or when styling can dry out the skin or make hair oily and unmanageable. Use a light hand when doling out either.
  9. Curl eyelashes. You can help open up your eyes, make your face look brighter and younger by curling your eyelashes. Try doing it just after you shower to get the best results.
  10. Don’t use powder. Facial powders may eliminate some of the oil on your skin but they can also sink into wrinkles making you look older than you are. Try cream based powders instead for a more flawless complexion.
  11. Keep nails manicured. Studies have shown that women who keep their nails well-maintained and manicured were judged to be younger than those that didn’t. Give yourself a leg up on youthfulness by keeping your hands and feet looking display ready at all times.


No matter what you choose to wear you can ensure it helps you look younger with these tips.

  1. Get a good bra. Flaunt your assets with a bra that will do them justice. Get a professional fitting to ensure that you have the fit and comfort you need. It will help shape you better and ensure that your clothes look and fit you more flatteringly.
  2. Show off your waist. Give yourself an hourglass figure and you’ll look more fit and trim. Use a belt, flattering jackets or dresses that cut in at the narrowest part of your body to give you a great waistline.
  3. Find clothes that fit. While it might make you cringe to buy a bigger size than you’re used to, in reality you’ll look slimmer and more put together by wearing the correct size instead of trying to cram yourself into a size that’s just not right.
  4. Hide your flaws. No one’s body is perfect, but you can dress to hide your flaws. Choose cuts and styles that flatter your figure, no matter what your size, and you’ll be able to take off pounds and even look younger with a simple change of clothes.
  5. Wear lighter colors. For some, wearing clothes that are white or other light colors can help give them a more youthful, carefree appearance. Give it a try to see if you can shave off a few years with a brighter wardrobe.
  6. Wear v-necks. V-neck shirts can be a great way to draw emphasis up to your neck and face and away from drooping chests.
  7. Update your wardrobe. Wearing the same clothes that looked good on you 20 years ago might save you money but it isn’t doing you any favors otherwise. Keep your wardrobe up to date with classic fashions mixed in with a few current trends.
  8. Dress appropriately. Don’t be the 40 year old who dresses in things more appropriate for a 14 year old. You can look sexy and stylish but keep your age in mind when choosing clothes.
  9. Avoid trendiness. While there’s nothing wrong with owning a few trendy items of clothes, too much trendiness can make you look like you’re trying to dress too young and will make your wardrobe go out of style super fast.
  10. Make comfort a factor. You can look good while being comfortable too. Choose clothes that suit your shape and needs. the more comfortable you feel in your clothes the more confident you’ll look and the younger you’ll seem.
  11. Be open to new styles. There are many times when a style of clothing seems like it would look ridiculous on you until you actually put it on and find it completely flatters your shape. Be willing to try out new things and you may be surprised.
  12. Tuck in problem areas with undergarments. Got a little trouble with a poochy stomach or want to avoid the muffin top look? Try using an undergarment like the popular Spanx to pull you in and smooth you out so you’ll look better in everything you wear.
  13. Keep glasses stylish. Nothing will age you faster than a pair of glasses that went out of style years ago. Choose a pair with a classic design or go with contacts when you can to give your look a more fresh and youthful vibe.

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