Using Wii Fit in Your Longterm Fitness Plan: 40+ Tips, Tutorials and Success Stories

To say that Wii has been a popular pastime is an understatement, but the release of Wii Fit this year has sent Wii’s popularity skyrocketing. Maybe it’s because Wii Fit has gamers and non-gamers alike intrigued and challenged with the fun fitness activities. Regardless of why so many are picking up their Wiimote, this game offers a unique opportunity to have fun with your console and get a start on better fitness. If you’ve decided to use Wii Fit to help you get in shape, take advantage of these suggestions to enhance your workout.


Since technically, Wii Fit is a video game, you will find lots of tips on how to unlock challenges or ways to find special extras on these site. Frequently they are classified as "cheats," which seems to go against your goal of fitness, but they are actually just helpful hints.

  1. Wii Fit Guide. Get the latest tips or news at this blog. Also, join the forum to get additional tips and to share your Wii Fit experience.
  2. My Cheats. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not really about cheating. Get tips on how to start the ultimate balance test and find out how to unlock stamps, activities, and challenges.
  3. GameSpot Wii . Get tips on unlockables and find out secrets on this site. There is also a walk-through that gives you the basics of Wii Fit.
  4. Customer Discussions. Follow this discussion group for questions and answers on how to use Wii Fit. Various topics are listed for you to browse.
  5. Find suggestions for unlocking some of the challenges on this site. There’s also a Wii Fit guide that offers more in depth suggestions and tips, but you must subscribe to have access to the guide.
  6. Cheat Code Central. Find more tips for Wii Fit on this site.
  7. Find unlockables and hints to help you get more from your workout (or just get further along without working as hard).
  8. gamespy Cheats. Unlock challenges and balance tests at this site. You can also get hints to help you out.

Video Tutorials

These video tutorials help you by showing real people doing the Wii Fit exercises.

  1. Game/Life Video. Watch the first two and a half minutes of this video for a mini-tutorial from a Wii trainer who offers suggestions on breathing and hula hooping.
  2. Wii Fit Experience Videos. Straight from Wii themselves, scroll down to these videos that offer real people demonstrations of several of the Wii Fit exercises. It appears Wii is continuing to add new videos to this site, so you might want to check back again for more.
  3. GameDaily. This site offers several videos that show real people working along with the Wii Fit trainer. Seeing real people doing the exercises can help you if you’re having a bit of a problem getting the concept of some exercises. They also offer screen shots and news bits.
  4. Orlando Sentinel. Also tracking his progress with a blog (see below), this video game blogger and a technology columnist offer a video describing how to use Wii Fit as well as some of the benefits of the game. They even let you get a little chuckle out of some soccer heading.

Real People’s Blogs

These people have not only decided to work out with Wii Fit, but they are also courageous enough to blog their progress to the whole world. Follow their progress as they get fit.

  1. Wii Weight Loss Plan. Follow this man’s progress as he uses a combination of Wii Fit and Wii Weight Loss Plan. He keeps a running list of his daily food intake through Twitter.
  2. geeksugar. Not only can you track the progress of this woman as she journals her Wii Fit progress, but she also posts some helpful tips for enhancing your practice. Scroll to the bottom for more links on her blog.
  3. 4 Color Rebellion. Follow the progress of this man’s Wii Fit program that went for seven weeks. He’s from Wisconsin, but living in Japan, so he got a jumpstart those of us in America who had to wait.
  4. Wii News and Reviews. This blogger reviews several of the Wii Fit exercises such as yoga, running, and skiing. In addition to providing basic information about each, she also offers some helpful suggestions and tips.
  5. The Official Wii Fit Experiment. Last year, this guy lost 9 lbs. using Wii Sport. This year, he’s going to give it a try with Wii Fit. Follow his progress over a five week period to see how he does.
  6. JZ Blogger. This blogger will use Wii Fit for 30 minutes a days to see if it makes a difference with fitness levels. Find out what happens on this Wii Fit journey.
  7. Understanding the Struggle. Two pounds in one month is the goal for this blogger who admits he doesn’t need to lose the weight, but claims "a little more trim would be great." It looks like he met his goal early on, but will continue to post updates of his Wii Fit experience.
  8. Wii Fit Project. 40 lbs. in two months…see if it can be done. For details of his daily fitness progress, follow him on Twitter as well.

Professionals’ Blogs

From gamers to journalists, the following professionals are giving Wii Fit a try. See how they do as they chart their progress on these blogs.

  1. Gamespot Wii Fit Editors’ Diary. Follow along as several staff members use Wii Fit for six weeks to see how it helps their overall fitness. Some staff want to lose weight, some want to bulk up, and none of them are adjusting their diet.
  2. Wii Get Fit. For one month (and maybe more), this editor will use the Wii Fit workout and cut out junk food from his diet. Follow both written text and video blogs.
  3. Read the personal blog on this site of a couple who are trying Wii Fit to get back into shape. The husband writes the blog and offers the challenges and his positive reactions to Wii Fit.
  4. Wired Game/Life. One week isn’t long for a fitness program, but this blog describes the first week on Wii Fit. As this blogger says, it’s fun, so he’ll probably keep going for longer than one week.
  5. Kotaku. Not technically a blog, this lengthy article describes how this writer used Wii Fit for one month. He provides his experience with the game interspersed with his opinions about both the positive and negative aspects of Wii Fit.
  6. Engadget. For 30 days, seven days a week, this man will work out with Wii Fit and chart his progress. See if he can lose 5 lbs. in 30 days using Wii Fit and his already healthy diet.
  7. EL33TONLINE. Watch as these two media staffers use Wii Fit five days a week for 25 days. They chart their progress and keep a running total of all changes to their Wii Fit age and BMI.
  8. Orlando Sentinel blog. This video game blogger is attempting to lose 20 lbs. in two months with Wii Fit and once-weekly trips to the gym. He tracks his statistics and writes about his experience with entertaining humor.

Reviews from Those with Experience

While there are plenty of reviews out there on Wii Fit, these reviews are special in that the reviewers actually spent some time trying Wii Fit before writing about it. Find out first hand what they liked and didn’t like about their experiences with Wii Fit.

  1. Dubious Quality. This review is based on about five hours of usage and gives a balanced view of the strengths and weaknesses of the game. The suggestions for future Wii Fit usages are interesting too.
  2. MTV Multiplayer blog. Using an actual fitness trainer to test Wii Fit, this review discusses the benefits and compares the workout to a traditional exercise regimen. Not surprisingly, the trainer is not completely pro-Wii Fit, but he also concedes that it is a nice complement to another form of exercise.
  3. The Game Guy. Find out how much fun this reviewer had with his Wii Fit and what he likes best about it. He must have had fun–he lost nine pounds and two and a half BMI points in three days.
  4. The Knight Shift. Read this review describing the first time out with Wii Fit. This blogger’s goal is to use Wii Fit in addition to other exercise in order to work up to running a marathon. Hopefully he posts updates on his progress.
  5. Crave. Incorporating an interview with Wii Fit designer Shigeru Miyamoto, this review offers a first-hand description of the game. You can also learn what Miyamoto says about the possible future direction of Wii Fit.
  6. Timesonline. Find out what happens when this slightly out-of-shape reviewer gives Wii Fit a go. Also of interest are the statistics following the review on fitness and Wii usage.
  7. Cow’s Blog. This blogger stands by the idea of calling Wii Fit a game "because it’s fun!" Be sure to click on the other Wii Fit posts in this blog, too.
  8. Entertainment Musings. While this reviewer hasn’t actually used Wii Fit yet, he offers some great ideas about why he’s looking forward to using it. These are also good reasons why Wii Fit is so popular.
  9. Gizmodo. Five years ago, this self-described geek was a tight, fit machine. A lot less fitness later, he gives Wii Fit a try for one week. This detailed experience and product review gives a good feel for what Wii Fit can do for you and what you need to do for yourself.
  10. Blogs: Yoga Buzz. Find out how Wii Fit Yoga stacks up against an experienced yogi. See if you can benefit from yoga using your Wii.
  11. Not only does this review detail the many various options available in Wii Fit, it also offers tips on how to unlock challenges.
  12. TVG. After one week, this reviewer saw his weight and BMI improve–and his Wii age go down over 20 years. In addition to the review, this site may also offer tips for Wii Fit in the future.


Do you feel you could use the support of others using Wii Fit? You can join one or more of these online groups offering support, help, and conversation about their journey with Wii Fit.

  1. The Wii Fit Union. Join the Gamespot staffers (see their blog in the section above) as you write about your progress using Wii Fit. Whether you are using your game for fitness, weight loss, or just plain fun, join in the fun on this blog.
  2. Fanpop. Use this handy tracker to keep your Wii Fit statistics and goals in one place. Sharing with others is a great support for those who need motivation to keep going.
  3. Wii Fit Mommies. Sign up with this group of moms who are using Wii Fit to get back into shape. Compare how much time you’ve used Wii Fit each day or just tell about which exercises you enjoyed the most. You might even get a few tips here.
  4. 3 fat chicks on a diet! Get tips on how to use Wii Fit or just shout out your praise of your new fitness tool. Just click on "post reply" at the bottom to participate.
  5. Wii Fit Addicts. If you don’t already have a Yahoo! account, get a free one now and join this listserv. They offer hints, help, and more at this online group.

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