The Ultimate Guide to Yoga: 100 Blogs, Tutorials, and Resources

Yoga has become an increasingly popular way to keep in shape while promoting a balance between mind and body. Whether you’re a beginner at yoga practice or a more advanced student looking to expand your horizons, the Internet is full of great yoga resources and information. Here are a few sites to help you get started on your path to better health, inside and out, through yoga.


These sites provide a large amount of information on yoga and are a great way to learn more for beginners or experts.

  1. Yoga Journal: Visitors will find this site contains a wealth of information on yoga from the basics to how it can fit into your lifestyle.
  2. This site contains articles on yoga, forums for practitioners and a store so you can buy any equipment you’d like.
  3. ABCs-Of-Yoga: Learn how to get started in yoga with basics, styles and postures laid out for you here. Additionally, you can look at photos or participate in forums on yoga.
  4. The Secrets of Yoga: Read articles, look at pictures, watch videos, buy equipment or find a teacher on this comprehensive yoga site.
  5. Holistic Online: This site provides a large collection of information about yoga, including guides, poses and styles.
  6. iYogaLife: Get advice on yoga for beginners, stress management, weight loss and much more from this site.
  7. Yoga Age: Read classic texts on yoga, newer articles, chat in a forum and more on this site dedicated to the promotion of yoga.
  8. Yoga Movement: This site is a great resource for finding other yoga related sites, places where you can take classes and buy yoga related products and DVDs.
  9. Meditation Station: Meditation is a big part of yoga practice and you’ll find all the information and resources you need to practice meditation effectively on this site.
  10. A 2 Z Yoga: Learn all about yoga as well as other ways to promote harmony and balance in your life with resources on this site.
  11. Online Yoga Guide: Find all kinds of resources on this site that include things like exercises, mind and body, yoga during pregnancy and more.


Written by yoga practitioners and teachers, these blogs give you daily routines, inspiration, and shared stories of practice.

  1. Yoga Basics: This blog can be a great place for yoga beginners to visit. You can learn all about the practice of yoga, terminology, and get postures to try and put together.
  2. The Everything Yoga Blog: Here you can read posts about finding happiness, meditation, yoga and more.
  3. My Yoga Blog: Follow the yoga practices of Ursula as she focuses her energies on meditation and yoga.
  4. True Yoga: Get updates and commentary on yoga related issues through this blog, home of the True Yoga series of videos.
  5. My Yoga Online: Posts on this blog give advice on doing different poses, healthy eating, green lifestyles and more.
  6. Bow Down Yoga: Written by yoga teacher Sofi Dillof, this blog explores ideas around relaxation, living consciously and of course practicing yoga.
  7. The Accidental Yogist: Those in the Los Angeles area will benefit the most from this blog, which chronicles the teachers, classes and goings on of the yoga community in the area.
  8. Yoga Insight: This blog covers a wide variety of topics, from giving detailed instructions on yoga poses to providing tips for healthy nutrition.
  9. Yoga Logic: Visitors to this blog will get frequent posts of yoga videos, poses and helpful tips to improve their experience.
  10. Yoga On and Off the Mat: Read articles like "Setting the Stage for Home Practice" and "Inspiring Reasons to Practice Yoga at Home" on this blog.
  11. Grounding Through the Sit Bones: Yoga teacher Brenda Plakans describes her teaching, gives advice and inspiration on this blog.
  12. Om Shanti: A Yoga Blog: This blogger posts about current news in yoga and his own experiences practicing it.
  13. Everyday Yoga: Blogger Tyran gives advice on dealing with everyday situations, making the most of certain postures and more through his posts.
  14. The Yoga Instructor Diaries: This Malaysian yoga instructor shares her trials and adventures in her everyday life and in teaching yoga.
  15. Dave Veda’s Yoga Blog: Dave Veda, the author of this blog, is a singer and songwriter, yoga teacher and social worker. Read about his quest for zen in this blog.
  16. Yoga Mat Blog: Get some ideas on gifts to buy for your favorite yoga practitioners or for yourself on this blog.


Take your yoga practice with you anywhere with these yoga-based podcasts.

  1. Hillary’s Yoga Practice: Listen to these weekly podcasts to open yourself up to new poses, postures and ideas for your yoga routine.
  2. Yoga Peeps: Yoga teachers from all over participate in this weekly yoga podcast. Subscribe on iTunes to make listening even easier.
  3. Elsie’s Yoga Kula: Elsie provides instruction and advice on yoga and finding happiness through this podcast series.
  4. JivaDiva Yoga Podcast: Learn about topics like the yoga sutras, asanas and get guided relaxation in this podcast.
  5. Inner Path Yoga: These podcasts can allow you to create a custom yoga class built around your favorite poses.
  6. A Moment of Yoga: Take time out to do these simple yoga routines through this podcast.
  7. Yoga Talk: These podcasts allow you to listen to mantras while you go through a series of poses.
  8. Candice’s Yoga Podcast: Yoga instructor Candice Garrett guides you through various yoga routines in this podcast. Check out the photo series that goes along with each podcast to ensure you’re doing the moves correctly.
  9. Grace Yoga: Experienced yoga instructor Arlene Bjork creates these podcasts which are great for beginners wanting to get into Vinyasa yoga.
  10. YOGAmazing: This weekly podcast gives listeners a 25 minute long yoga routine as well as stories from other practitioners who have had their lives changed by yoga.
  11. The Kelly Morris Yoga Podcast: Named as one of the most popular yoga instructors in the New York area, Kelly Morris provides listeners with a way to get free access to her classes through her podcast.
  12. Hillary’s Yoga Practice Podcast: These podcasts range from 30 minutes routines to those up to an hour as well as shared stories from other yoga students.
  13. Sage Yoga Training: This podcast offers 30-minute yoga routines designed to be listened to after a traditional workout as a way to cool down, stretch out, and relax.

Tutorials and Classes

Learn new poses and routines with these online yoga tutorials.

  1. Hatha Yoga Lesson: This site provides not only instructions but animations to show you just how to do a variety of yoga poses.
  2. YogaToday: Watch daily broadcasts of yoga videos on this site. Visitors can also ask questions in a forum and sign up for a mailing list.
  3. My Daily Yoga: The poses on this website are designed to be done anywhere, even at your desk for a mid-day pick-me-up. It can help prevent repetitive stress injuries and back pain from poor posture.
  4. Take a break from your day and watch one of these instructional yoga videos that are designed to help you relax, stretch and workout.
  5. Dean Ornish’s Yoga Tutorials: Learn everything from how to breathe to how to warmth up and work up every part of your body in these tutorials.
  6. Yoga Cards: Learn the basics of Vinyasa yoga through these simple introductory routines.
  7. YogaUniverse: Here you’ll find yoga posture tutorials that range from poses for beginners to those for advanced students.
  8. Yoga Get information on dozens of yoga postures that can help ensure you’re doing them correctly and getting the most out of them.
  9. Fresh Air Yoga: Take your yoga outside with some help from the routines in these instructional videos.
  10. Yoga Class: While the organization of this site could use some help, the videos can be quite beneficial, allowing you to watch multiple instructional videos in one place.
  11. YogaYak: Get access to a wide variety of free classes on yoga, meditation, cleansing, breathing and more.
  12. YogaDownload: While not all material on this site is free, it provides a large range of downloadable yoga videos intended to be played on an iPod or other portable video or music device .

Teachers and Organizations

Learn from well-known teachers and worldwide organizations with a little help from these sites.

  1. Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center: This non-profit organization was founded to spread the teaching of Vedanta around the world. Check out the site and see if you can find a center near you if you’re interested.
  2. Ashtanga Yoga: This method of yoga involves "synchronizing the breath with progressive series of postures, a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs". If it sounds like something that would interest you, read more about it on this site.
  3. Bikram Yoga College of India: Yogi Bikram Choudhury founded this yoga college in India, but today there are branches and classes all over the world. Learn from his teachings in a class near you with information from this site.
  4. B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga: This yoga teacher has created a style that is meant to work for all people and uses a variety of props like blocks, ropes and and belts. Visit this site to find out where this type of yoga is practiced in your area.
  5. American Yoga Association: Get a free yoga lesson, find qualified teachers and learn the basics about yoga through this organization’s site.
  6. Yoga Research and Education Foundation: This foundation is dedicated to conducting research on yoga to see what the health benefits are and to educate the public. Find out about the latest projects through their website.
  7. Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health: This center wants to spread the practice of yoga to create healthy minds and bodies. Located in Massachusetts, it offers numerous classes and retreats for those who are interested.
  8. Yoga for the Special Child: Children with special needs can use yoga to relax and work out as well through this special method. Check out the site and see if there are any practitioners in your area.
  9. Yoga Jillian: This yoga teacher shares her techniques and methods through this site. Visitors can learn about classes she offers, get relaxation CDs and more.
  10. Do Yoga: Get inspiration and instruction from yoga teacher Doug Keller on this site. If you can’t attend his Washington DC courses he provides a way to find teachers in your area.
  11. Ananda: This organization was founded in 1968 and continues to spread yoga education, focusing on Yogananda’s Kriya yoga.
  12. International Yoga Federation: Learn about yoga organizations around the world with this international group.
  13. Himalayan Institute: Founded by Swami Rami, this institute focuses not only on yoga but on relaxation, meditation, biofeedback and more. Branches are located in Pennsylvania, Illinois and New York.
  14. Yoga Inside Foundation: This non-profit organization brings yoga education to those in juvenile halls and probation camps, mental institutions, women’s and children’s shelters, homes for runaway youth, senior citizen homes, drug rehabilitation centers and underprivileged communities. If you think it could make a difference in your community try contacting someone from the foundation.
  15. The White Lotus Foundation: With a scenic location overlooking the ocean, this center provides classes, retreats and teacher training programs.


Read up on issues related to yoga in these informative articles.

  1. Laugh Your Way to Wellness With Yoga Trend: This article from Science Daily explores the growing popularity of laugher yoga, a practice that proponents say relaxes them and improves their mood.
  2. The Power of Yoga: Supermodel Christy Turlington covers the benefits of yoga in this article for Time magazine.
  3. Is Yoga Better Than Other Exercise for Boosting Self-Esteem?: Some studies suggest yoga may give your self esteem a little boost. Read about it here.
  4. The Philosophy of Yoga – An Aesthetic Appraisal: Learn about the history of yoga from an athletic and visual point of view in this article.
  5. Prenatal Yoga: Learning the Lessons of Yoga in the Womb: Yoga can be a great way for women to stay in shape while pregnant. Get more information on the practice and its benefits here.
  6. Yoga- What Exactly Is It?: Learn the basic history and background behind yoga in this article.
  7. Balance the Immune System With Yoga: Have immunity issues? Yoga may be able to help you, as this article discusses.
  8. 7 Reasons to Say Yes to Yoga: This article gives women, and anyone else, some reasons they may want to add yoga to their fitness program.
  9. Yoga Party- The Benefits of Yoga for Men: Men have as much to gain from yoga as women, and this article helps explain some of the reasons men should consider taking up yoga.
  10. The Benefits of Yoga for Stress Management: Learn ways that yoga can help relax you and reduce your stress in this article from


Get all the stuff you need to comfortably practice yoga from these sites.

  1. The Yoga Site: Buy mats, blocks, DVDs and more on this great yoga products site. It also contains some helpful information about the types of yoga and yoga terms.
  2. Find all the supplies you’ll need to engage in yoga or meditation practice or just read through the informative articles on this site.
  3. Gaiam: A popular manufacturer of yoga products, Gaiam’s website is a great place to pick up a new yoga mat or clothes or look through a wide variety of recycled and fair trade products.
  4. Wai Lana Yoga: What better place to relax, meditate and practice yoga than a tropical paradise like Hawaii? Teacher Wai Lana sells an instructional set of videos and DVDs on this site as well as other merchandise.
  5. Buy Yoga This online store brings together loads of yoga products including mats, bags, kits, blankets and much more.
  6. Hugger Mugger: This store sells a huge assortment of quality yoga products and environmentally friendly gifts.
  7. Barefoot Yoga: Here you’ll find all kinds of yoga mats, props, clothing and other household merchandise and apparel.
  8. MatsMatsMats: As the name suggests, this site specializes in selling yoga mats of all kinds.
  9. More Yoga: Pick up some yoga products like mats, eye pillows, props and t-shirts through this online company.
  10. Yoga Accessories: Find any kind of yoga accessories you could need on this site from mats to balls and everything in between.
  11. Yogitoes: This online and in-store retailer sells environmentally conscious yoga products like a distinctive skidless yoga mat.
  12. Apsari: Here you can buy numerous products to help you practice yoga or to go into deep meditation.
  13. AgoyUSA: This company makes all kinds of fashion conscious yoga bags, mats and other products.

Yoga Locators

Find classes, teachers, retreats and all kinds of yoga resources in your area with these directories.

  1. YogaAlliance: This site provides a place where qualified yoga teachers can register and can be a great place to find out what kind of programs and teachers are available in your area.
  2. YogaFinder: This directory pulls together classes, conferences, events and teachers from all over the Web to make it easy to find something that suits your needs.
  3. Yoga Directory: Find classes, books, products and retreats with this wide-reaching directory.
  4. International Yoga Centers Directory: Here you’ll find listings of yoga instructors and studios all over the world.
  5. Yoga Everywhere: No matter where you live you’ll be able find a yoga studio with this directory.
  6. MindBodySpirit Directory: Find resources in every state for yoga, meditation and other holistic practices.
  7. Health Searching: This health focused site provides links to yoga centers, programs and more all over the United States.
  8. All Things Spiritual Directory: This site brings together links for yoga organizations and teachers.
  9. Find Yoga: Get access to yoga resources to take classes, find teachers, attend events and more on this site.
  10. Find Yoga Pilates: Find yoga or pilates classes in your area through this site.

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