Wii Fight Fat? The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss With the Wii

There’s been a lot of buzz lately over Wii’s claims to help you lose weight through it’s calorie-bursting workouts on Wii Fit, not to mention by playing golf, boxing or tennis on the traditional Wii Sports games. But can Wii really fight fat? We’ve put together this ultimate list to dissect the number of calories burned, Wii accessories to keep you safe and motivated, video tutorials to make sure you’re working out correctly, expert opinions of Wii Fit, and real-life testimonials from people who’ve tried out their own weight loss plans with the Wii.

Profile Tools: Check Your Mii

Before you can start a weight-loss plan, you have to know your body and set realistic goals. These programs and profile tools come with Wii Fit, so make sure you take advantage of them.

  1. BMI Check: Check your Body Mass Index to gain insight into your overall health. Even if you know you’re overweight, you may not know your risk for health problems like type 2 diabetes, gallbladder disease, stroke, high blood pressure or cancer.
  2. Wii Fit Age: One of the coolest things about the Wii Fit is the Wii Fit Age tool. After you enter your BMI, the Wii prompts you to perform a simple balance test. By combining that information, the Wii gives you an age that it deems is appropriate for your fitness level.
  3. Enter your real information: Enter your real age and height so that your results are as accurate as possible. Though there’s no doctor standing over your scale, it will only hurt you if you lie about your age or cheat your weight measurement.


Try out these games and exercises on Wii to burn calories and shape up.

  1. Aerobics: The aerobics "game" on Wii Fit includes fun activities like hula hooping, basic step, advanced step, free run and others.
  2. Rayman Raving Rabbids: This game features a character named Rayman who has to hold his own "against a bunch of crazy bunny rabbits in a variety of fun games," like dance parties and other calorie-bursting workouts. Stand up and engage your entire body for maximum benefits.
  3. Super Paper Mario: Make a pact with your video game-loving child that he or she can play Super Mario only if this disc is on. Wii Wii Workout describes the game as needing players to perform "quite a few precise arm movements."
  4. Elebits: This full-body workout is disguised as a game that prompts players to search for and collect little creatures called Elebits. In order to catch them, players have to grab, pull, push and twist their bodies around.
  5. Yoga: Introduce yourself to yoga with the Wii Fit version. Players practice deep breathing and positions like the Spinal Twist, Cobra, Half-Moon and Downward-Facing Dog. Seasoned yoga practicers may not benefit as much from this game, but it’s a good introduction.
  6. Strength Training: Strength training exercises help build up muscles which can then burn fat. On the Wii Fit, you’ll do torso twists, the Rowing Squat, Single Leg Twist, lunges, push ups and more to satisfy your strength training element in your workout routine.
  7. Balance: The balance games on Wii Fit feature virtual versions of ski jumps, tightrope walks, penguin slides, soccer heading and more, making simple balance tests and exercises much more exciting.
  8. Boxing: Even health and fitness professionals agree that boxing is one of the most effective Wii workouts because it burns 8 calories a minute, just 2 – 2 1/2 calories short of the calories you’d burn if you were actually in a boxing ring.
  9. Tennis: Wii Tennis burns less calories than the actual game, but you can still get a decent workout, especially if you’re trying to work your way into shape gradually. Visit this site for "five magic shots" that beginners can try out.

Helpful Wii Workout Websites

For support and answers to all your Wii workout questions, turn to these sites which offer diet plans, game reviews and more.

  1. Wii Weight Loss Plan: Keep track of your weight loss on this site, which hosts a forum, a Wii Food Journal for the blogger and a podcast full of inspiring messages.
  2. Wii Fit Guide: Get all "the latest news and tips for Wii Fit" on this site, which posts Wii Fit videos, tips for the balance board and Wii Fit experiments.
  3. Wii News and Reviews: This site often posts about Wii Fit and Wii games that help you sneak in a little extra exercise.
  4. Wii Healthy Store: Browse the products on this online shop for Wii Fit games and accessories.
  5. Cheat Codes for Wii Sports: Bring up new games and unlock secrets to Wii Sports games here.
  6. Wii Help: Turn to the forums on this site to get great support, tips and advice for making the most of your Wii Fit or other Wii workouts.
  7. WiiTrio.com: Before starting a new Wii workout game, visit this site to get a review of how much you can expect to lose.
  8. Balance Board Blog: Read Wii Fit reviews, view videos and learn new tips for using Wii Fit here.
  9. Wii Fit Message Board: Join the Wii Fit community on Game FAQs to review games, learn about unlockable levels, create a unique workout and diet plan, and more.

Accessories to Keep You Going

Make sure you’ve got all the right Wii accessories to monitor your profile, prevent injury, and make the most of your weight loss plan.

  1. Balance Board Pink Silicone Sleeve: A silicone sleeve like this one will keep you from skidding off your balance board.
  2. Wii Fit Travel Bag: Business travelers can take their Wii Fits with them to stay in shape even when they’re on the road.
  3. Wii Fit Jogging Using an Exercise Bike: Try supplementing this Wii Fit exercise with an exercise bike.
  4. Wii Fit Rechargeable Battery Pack: Don’t let your game run out in the middle of the workout. Use this rechargeable battery system to make your Wii Fit last as long as you do.
  5. Yoga Mat: Read reviews of two different yoga mats designed for Wii Fit here.
  6. Cord Free Wii Nunchuck Adapter: If you’re doing yoga or are in the middle of an aerobic exercise routine, you don’t want to risk getting tangled up or tripping because of all the cords. This accessory is your solution.
  7. Balance Board Cushion Mat: Give your feet a cushier experience while you work out.
  8. Wii Wireless Sensor Bar: This was the first wireless sensor bar for the Wii. Use it to rid your living room and your workout routine of needless wires and cords.


Before starting any workout plan, you need to assess the risks associated with your exercise. Read these articles and make sure to practice these warm-ups before risking injury with the Wii.

  1. Wii Fit Accidents and the Media Backlash: What We’ve Got to Look Forward To: This article predicts how Wii Fit could be come a liability because of different accidents or injuries, including stubbed toes, locked limbs and more.
  2. Wii Warm-ups: Use this guide to prevent injury during your Wii workout. It includes warm-ups for your back, fingers, and shoulders.
  3. Wii Fit Fun, but Pace Yourself, Doctors Warn: This article from The Arizona Republic discusses how players can get carried away with their Wii Fit workouts and strain their muscles without realizing it.

Expert Opinions

For doctors’ opinions and Wii Fit evaluations from professional fitness trainers, read this list.

  1. 10 "Wii Fit" Exercises Tested and Judged by Fitness Trainer: This writer enlists the help of a personal fitness instructor to evaluate Wii exercises. He checks yoga, strength training, aerobics, and balance games.
  2. Wii Fit Gives Kinder, Gentler Workout: This CNN article reports that doing the moderate exercises on Wii Fit is a good way to introduce you to a workout program, especially if you aren’t naturally athletic or used to exercising.
  3. Experts Outraged that Wii Fit Calls Children Overweight: The controversy over Wii Fit’s tendency to label players overweight focuses on behavioral health, especially when it concerns children. Read this article to learn more about the debate.
  4. Wii Fit, Retro Game Thrifting: Wired writer Chris Kohler works with a fitness trainer in this video to learn professional tips and get advice for how to use Wii Fit.
  5. Yoga Instructor Talks about Wii Fit…and How it Doesn’t Work: Read this interview with yoga instructor Sally Coucouvanis to consider some of the drawbacks of Wii Fit’s Yoga workout.

Program Tutorials and Videos

These tutorials will give you more tips and instruction for maximizing the exercise potential of your games than the booklet inside your Wii box.

  1. Wii Fit’s Yoga Demonstrated by Comfy Person: This blogger demonstrates the Wii Fit Yoga exercise in his pajamas.
  2. Wii Fit Cheats, FAQs, and Walkthrough: Learn tips for completing the balance test, doing the jogging workout and getting stamps here.
  3. Nintendo Wii Fit: This collection of reviews and videos will help you get an idea of the different exercises that are best for you and your weight loss plan.
  4. 21 Wii Tips and Tricks for the Console and Games: This list of "very handy tips and tricks" will help you make the most of your Wii gaming experience, from using the console to working the menu to learning about different games.
  5. Top 5 Wii Fit Tips: Tips on this list include "be accurate" and "get real," encouraging players to begin their Wii Fit workout routines with a realistic view of the results they can expect to achieve.

Everyday Tips to Help you Lose Weight with Wii

If you’re serious about losing weight with the Wii, implement these tips into your everyday routine, including creating a plan and sticking with it, and eating right.

  1. Create a plan and stick with it: Whether it’s by starting your own blog to track your progress or just vowing to use Wii Fit for 30 minutes a day, design a plan and stick with it.
  2. Eat a low-fat, high-fiber diet: A diet that is low in fat and high in fiber is a necessary supplement to a workout program if you’re serious about losing weight.
  3. Mix up your routine: Besides committing to boxing or tennis games everyday, add in some aerobic exercise three to five times a week, which will help you lose more weight.
  4. Exercise Motivation: 10 Benefits of Strength Training: This post from the Diet Channel goes over 10 great benefits of strength training, which can be done with the Wii. Use this guide as motivation whenever you’re feeling lazy.

Advice from Real Wii Users

When it comes down to it, you’re going to want the real-life reviews of people who’ve actually used the Wii to lose weight. Read these blogs and reviews to get motivated.

  1. Wii Sports Experiment Sheds Nine Pounds: This young Philadelphia man lost nine pounds in six weeks while on a Wii exercise program. He worked out with Wii for 30 minutes each day but didn’t change his eating habits.
  2. 4 Color Rebellion: Check out this Wii Fit player’s experiment, which lasted for almost two months and helped him get in shape for his wedding. Follow his progress on this blog.
  3. Wii Fit Project: This blogger wants to lose 22 pounds in 3 months, just by using Wii Fit. Read his blog to see if he can make it.
  4. I’m Wii Fit: Here, you can read about Wii Fit news and releases, get updates on the blogger’s own personal Wii Fit progress, or share your own stories.
  5. It’s Shocking, We’re Pissed, Wii Fit Sorta Works: This doubtful writer admits that his experience with the Wii Fit worked, sort of. Read his reviews of different workouts here.
  6. Wii Fit Review: TotalVideoGames.com writer Chris Leyton put Wii Fit to the test and tracks his BMI, weight, Wii Fit Age and overall impression of the Wii Fit exercises.
  7. We Test the Nintendo Wii Fit: Times Online publishes a lengthy review of Wii Fit, including the balance tests, heart rate, calories burned for children playing the Wii, and more.
  8. Wii Fit Review by a Formerly Fit Geek: Read this review on Gizmodo. The author, a former boxer, compares his eating habits, exercise routines and fitness levels before and after using Wii Fit.

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