iFit: 50 Coolest Fitness and Health Apps for the iPhone

For many individuals and caregivers staying in shape and getting healthy can be a bit of a challenge. The iPhone can help make it a little easier, however, with a wide range of apps that can help you track and stay informed about your health. From nutrition facts that let you know just how many calories are in that Big Mac to instructional fitness videos, there are numerous ways you can turn your iPhone into more than just a phone and let it help you keep yourself in tip top shape. Here are a few great applications that can let you integrate your iPhone into you or your patient’s health and fitness program.


Keep yourself motivated and on track with these fitness programs that monitor your progress to a happier, healthier you.

  1. iPhit Fitness Tracking: This program allows users to combine their Nike + iPod sensor kit with their iPhone to keep track of their walking or running progress.
  2. MyNetDiary: Get access to this Web-based diet and exercise program right through your iPhone. You’ll be able to quickly jot down what you had for dinner or how long you worked out, even when you’re on the go.
  3. Gyminee: Sign up for this fitness tracking site and use the iPhone-optimized version to keep track of your workouts and your daily nutrition.
  4. iPhodometer: This Nike + alternative allows users to keep track of how many calories they are burning as they walk or run.
  5. WeightDate: This application makes it easy to see how your weight is changing over time, whether it’s going up or down. The program also provides an average to let you see how you’re moving towards your goal over the long term.
  6. Limeade: Limeade aims to help users get healthy by giving them an assessment and helping them to develop personalized fitness goals. Best of all, the site has a version optimized just for use with the iPhone.
  7. SparkPeople: Create diet plans that concentrate on nutrition and focus on fitness training through SparkPeople on your iPhone.
  8. FitReach: This program allows you to view your gym training for the day, track your diet and manage your weight goals, all from the iPhone interface.


Figure out how the numbers work out for your fitness and health with these calculators.

  1. iPhone Calculator: Among other calculators, this program comes with a useful calorie calculator that can help you learn how much an exercise will help you burn off.
  2. Calories Burned Calculator: Figure out how many calories your workout is burning with this helpful mobile calculator.
  3. BMI Calculator: Get a good estimate of your Body Mass Index by using this calculator.
  4. BMR Calculator: This calculator allows you to figure out your base metabolic rate, which means the number of calories you burn even when you’re doing nothing, so you can better figure out what to eat and how to work out.
  5. Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculator: Are you safe to drive? This calculator can help you figure out where to cut yourself off when it comes to drinking.
  6. Daily Calorie Calculator: Get an estimate of how many calories you should be eating each day with this calorie intake calculator.

Diet and Nutrition

Make sure you’re eating right at home or when you go out with these tools for your iPhone.

  1. Food Information Database: This application provides nutritional information for thousands of restaurants to let you know how much you’re taking in even when you’re eating out.
  2. Food Network: Get access to great healthy recipes and instructional videos through the Food Network’s iPhone site.
  3. iPhone Nutrition: This application allows you to enter in a food and get all the nutritional information on it you’ll need.
  4. Mindful: Track your food intake using this fitness tool. It features a built-in food database, calculation of your recommended daily calories, food preferences, activity levels and much more to help you lose or gain weight.
  5. iPoint Calculator: Those following Weight Watchers will appreciate this calculator, which allows users to easily keep track of how many points they’re having at each meal.
  6. SugarTracker: Diabetics can ensure they’re not consuming too much sugar with this helpful dietary tool.
  7. One Trip Shopping List: Make a shopping list of all your healthy choices and stick to it with this portable shopping list tool for your iPhone.
  8. 101 Cookbooks: Check for recipes on just about anything on this site so you can eat right and enjoy your meals at the same time.
  9. iPhone Diet: You can use your iPhone as a personal diet and health coach with this nutrition monitoring program.

Working Out

Get free workout videos and track your routines using these great tools for your iPhone.

  1. Pump10: Using Pump10 you’ll have access to loads of workout videos that you can watch right on your iPhone.
  2. Progio Mobile: Take your training program with you on your iPhone with this online iPhone-optimized program from Progio.
  3. FitSync: Get access to training programs, log your workouts and compare your progress to others with this great iPhone compatible application for using FitSync.
  4. CityRUNNR: Track your runs using this iPhone-based tool. You can watch yourself improve, make graphs, and refine your running.
  5. SpeedoMeter: Measure how fast you’re running or walking with this helpful calculation tool for your iPhone.
  6. MoboVivo: Download loads of fitness videos on this site and watch them right on your iPhone.
  7. Health and Fitness Mobile: Health and Fitness magazine provides iPhone users with workout videos, tips and articles to help them get the most from their fitness programs.

Relaxation and Inspiration

These programs will help you to relax and meditate no matter where you are.

  1. Bob’s Sheep Counter: Count these animated sheep as a means to get yourself sleepy or just to relax.
  2. Yogi Says: Get inspirational quotes from the Amrit Yoga Institution using this tool. Every time you refresh, a new quote will come up.
  3. Zen Timer: Give yourself a few minutes of peace and relaxation each day with this meditation timing tool.
  4. Meditation Timer: This meditation timer can be used on your iPhone, iPod or even burned to CD to help you fit in meditation in your busy day.

Medication and Diagnosis

Learn about your medications, look up your symptoms and monitor your health right from your iPhone using these apps.

  1. iRx: iRx is a pharmaceutical reference tool that allows medical professionals or patients to to easily get information from the FDA on a wide variety of drugs.
  2. Lab Tests: Find out if your test results are normal or not or where they fall on the spectrum using this tool. It covers areas like tumor markers, urinalysis, and clinical chemistry.
  3. Symptom Navigator: Get an idea of what you might be suffering from with this tool that allows you to easily navigate a range of symptoms.
  4. iPharmacy: With iPharmacy you can browse through thousands of drug descriptions, illness symptoms, and drug side effects and interactions all right through your phone.
  5. iEyeExam: Having trouble seeing road signs ahead? Feel like you’re squinting? Give yourself a quick eye exam to see if you may need glasses with this free application.
  6. Eponyms: Eponyms are words that are based on or derived from someone’s name, and medical terms are full of them. Learn what symptoms lie behind the names in thousands of illnesses with this handy tool.
  7. Chondriac: Access this health and medical information site through your iPhone. It contains information on women’s, men’s and children’s health as well as on health centers all over the US.
  8. Medicinal Herbs: Those interested in a more natural route to health may appreciate this tool which gives easy access to a database of medicinal herbs and their uses.
  9. Medicomatic: Medical professionals can analyze symptoms and read about a variety of diseases and illnesses through the iPhone using this helpful database.

Miscellaneous Health

Whether you’re expecting a baby or just want to look up a health term, these tools can make it easier.

  1. iPregnant: This tool allows you to calculate your term, due date, weeks pregnant, days remaining and even your baby’s astrological sign.
  2. The Wheel: The wheel is a gestational age calculator you can use to determine a baby’s due date and the baby’s gestational age anytime during pregnancy.
  3. Ovulation Calendar: Those trying to get pregnant can keep track of their most fertile times with this app to increase their chances of conception.
  4. Brush Timer: Make sure you’re spending enough time cleaning your teeth so they stay healthy and cavity free with this great free timer application for your iPhone.
  5. Bio Dictionary: For those who don’t have a huge knowledge of biological and medical terms, this dictionary can be a quick and easy way to look things up and stay on top of any health issue.
  6. Plusmo: iPhone users can find loads of health related widgets they can put on their iPhones on this site.
  7. Trixie Tracker: New parents can use this tool to keep track of their baby’s habits for sleeping and feeding to keep both baby and parents much happier.

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