The Nursing Degree Network

The Nursing Degree Network announces their directory of over 1,200 USA accredited nursing school programs.

While other college search web sites force LVN, LPN and RN nursing students through a massive database of schools, The Nursing Degree Network says one page per state is enough! The two largest states Texas and California currently list less than 40 accredited nursing schools. LVN, LPN and RN nursing students can quickly review any US state, and click to learn more.

The Nursing Degree Network project was launched in 2004. As the number of nursing visitors grows, so too does the ambition of the development team. With the first phase of the web site redesign complete in early February, The Nursing Degree Network team will begin creation of their nursing school guide as a complement to the existing accredited nursing schools directory.

All NLN and CCNE accredited nursing schools are welcome to submit an overview of their nursing programs.


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