Five Top Online Nursing School Programs

Online nursing programs have boomed in recent years, with the advent of new technologies that have made such degree programs possible.  As a result, existing programs have expanded their degree programs to attract students around the country and become the top ranked schools for nursing at the same time.  Five of the top online schools include:
•    Indiana State University
•    University of Phoenix
•    Kaplan University
•    South University
•    Virginia College
These schools have developed a stellar record within the online community in many different degree programs, but also within their nursing school offerings. 

Indiana State University has begun offering online nursing degrees in addition to their already stellar degree programs on their college campus.  Their nursing degree program alone is over one hundred years old, and the shift to online education has meant an influx of eager, new students to their programs.  The school offers a new LPN to BSN degree and exists as the only such program in the country.  The materials the school offers students via online courses allow students to pass their exams and earn course hours online without setting foot in a classroom.

University of Phoenix is probably the epitome of online education and is certainly the most common name in the field, although many do not know of its online nursing program.  The school offers 27 different nursing degrees ranging from associate’s degrees all the way up to the doctoral level.  Depending on which degree you want to earn, the University of Phoenix undoubtedly has the answer to your questions regarding the degree program. 

Kaplan University’s School of Nursing program is another popular online degree program, and includes an increased emphasis on preventive care and nursing care for the elderly.  This emphasis has resulted in higher career opportunities for students since projected employment growth in the coming years includes home health aides and nursing home aides. 

South University also has a nursing program that focuses on the future of its students.  However, this school focuses on a variety of nursing positions, ranging from nursing home care to home health and to school health clinics.  The school also focuses on management within the nursing community and teaches students how to better enhance their patient skills and motivate their nursing staff. 

Finally, Virginia College is another school that offers a top nursing program while focusing on the management aspect of the nursing industry at the same time.  Management in nursing is important because this is one way to work up through the ranks of the administration.  Rather than just stay in your same position for years, you can work your way up to the head nurse or at least manager of the clinic.  This school specializes in health management services and serves to attract students interested in similar endeavors. 

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