The College Network?s Online LPN to RN Program

While it is becoming common to get the additional RN degree after earning an LPN earlier, there is currently only one online source that offers this transitory degree program: The College Network.  This institution opened its doors in 1992, and has thrived with the advent of internet usage and the increasing amount of online schools.  While the College Network is not a school, it has developed a method to help its students gain college credit by passing credit-examination exams.  Offering degrees ranging from associate’s to professional certificates, the school uses a format that blends college equivalency testing plus online coursework in order to allow their students to gain a thorough education. 

Their nursing program offers many different levels of study, but their associate’s degree in nursing program is the degree program which features an LPN to RN degree.  A Licensed Practical Nurse lacks the responsibility that comes with becoming a registered nurse, which is why so many students decide to make this transition after a few years.  As the only online source that offers this degree, the College Network has honed in on their degree program and currently offers associate’s degrees as an RN. 

As an LPN, you probably have limited time to go back to school and earn your additional RN degree, which is where the College Network comes into play.  This online institution allows you to make the transition from LPN to RN without setting foot in a classroom and without disrupting your already busy schedule.  LPNs have similar job duties as RNs which means their jobs keep them extraordinarily busy.  Finding time to drive to school and attend classes seems almost unattainable. However, their easy method of attending classes through online coursework has made it easy for nearly any nurse practitioner to gain an additional degree.

Earning an RN makes a huge difference in not only your work atmosphere, but your salary as well.  A registered nurse typically makes more every year than a licensed nurse, solely because of the additionally courses a registered nurse is assumed to have taken (as well as a qualifying exam).  If you are serious about a lifelong career as a nurse, you will want to take these further exams and enroll in an LPN to RN program.  The College Network exists for the busy nurses who want to expand their knowledge but do not have the time to do so, and therefore you have NO excuse for not furthering your education in nursing!


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