The Growing Need of Online Schools for Nursing

Online schools for nursing have grown rapidly over the past few years due to recent advances in technology as well as the growing need for nurse practitioners and other health care workers.   The rise in specialized health care degrees has changed the face of the health care community, as general nurse practitioners are getting more difficult to find.  Therefore, this growing need has effected all forms of education, including online education, as the nursing community strives to fill its clinics with registered nurses. Attaining an online degree has become easier than ever because of these advances, and online nursing degrees have now joined the ranks of other online degrees within the online education community.

Thus far, there have been relatively few online nursing programs compared to the wide array of online colleges that have swept the nation.  However, the nursing community has started to change this phenomenon as online nursing schools have begun to offer classes up to the residency requirement for registered nurses.  While nursing may seem to be a difficult degree to attain via online courses, many schools have found a way for students to hold onto their current jobs and still attend online classes, learning all the vital aspects of nursing at the same time. 

While the online education community is an ongoing endeavor, the next few years will undoubtedly demonstrate a growth within all forms of online schooling.  Nursing is one such field that makes it difficult to learn without field work, which is why online nursing schools typically only allow students one year of study before their field work begins.  There is no way for nursing students to learn their field work requirements through the internet which has impaired the growth of many nursing schools, but many nursing schools cater to students who are only attaining an associate’s degree or a further degree from an RN.

These further degree programs can extend up to doctorate degrees in nursing and therefore do not require as much field work as research work, making it a feasible concept for many current nurses.  While nursing schools were created to appeal to potential nurses, there is still a major incentive for current nurses to earn a further degree from online schools for nursing.  Earning these additional degrees can mean a step up in health care management or even a promotion within the nursing industry to a different level of nursing.  The possibilities are nearly endless with the advent of online education and they look open to many possibilities in the future. 

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