What?s the Big Deal with Attending Nursing School Online

Online education has revolutionized the education process in recent years, as fields we would never have expected have now opened themselves up to the internet and online colleges.  Nursing school is no different, and now students are able to attend classes online before their residency requirements.  While nursing school is typically a degree program that is taken from a traditional classroom setting, the advent in internet technologies has made nursing classes available online through web cams and other software and in turn has allowed students to gain certification without leaving their homes.   

Attending nursing school online has opened up many doors for students who are burdened with full-time jobs and family life, allowing them to further their career goals without committing to a commuter school or a schedule that would wear them out.  With the new technologies on the market, online nursing school has become a viable option for many students who have found themselves in a similar situation.  Attending nursing school online is now no different than attending a traditional classroom program, although many students have found that the requirements of nursing school residency is reason enough to take the traditional route.

While the residency requirement in clinics or hospitals is a part of the nursing school process which cannot be taken online, the first year of study can still be taken online and it is no different than traditional schooling.  Indeed, taking one year of studies online and the next year fulfilling course hours through shadowing other nurses helps ease into the nursing industry, rather than manufacturing some way to fulfill residency through the internet.  The hands-on approach is a method of schooling which is required by the health care industry in order to get a feel for the skill involved in nursing. 

Online schools have become a new staple of our economy, and as the industry booms, it will become increasingly accepted by most educators.  The nursing community has already witnessed a boom in the amount of online schools that are offered, as well as a higher number of nursing students, very welcome in an economy that has needed health care professionals throughout the recession.  Nurses play one of the vital roles in society as a caregiver to the sick and the intermediary between patients and doctors.  From the time of Florence Nightengale to the modern era, the nursing industry has remained pretty much unchanged, albeit has technologically evolved throughout the years thanks to the internet and modern technology. 

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