100 Fun and Free Online Tools to Measure Your Brain Fitness

Sitting at your desk day after day can leave your brain fried, even if you’re a respected leader in your field. Jazz things up with crossword puzzles, brain teasers, memory games and more to keep your brain sharp and healthy well into old age.


Have fun solving these puzzles or designing ones of your own.

  1. Brain Food: Pick from word boxes, word puzzles, logi-numbers, joke puzzles and more.
  2. BrainBashers: There are all kinds of puzzles on this website, including BrainBall, a daily cryptogram, paradoxes, easy puzzles and more.
  3. Archimedes’ Laboratory: Create your own puzzle or solve one of Archimedes’ brain teasers here.
  4. Puzzle Games: From jigsaw games to sudoku puzzles to 3D puzzles, you’ll find it all right here.
  5. Big Fish Puzzles: From Around the World in 80 Days to Hardest Jigsaw in the World, you’ve got your work cut out for you on this site.
  6. Puzzle and Board Games: Play online board games and jigsaw puzzles here.
  7. JigZone: This site is all about jigsaws, and you can even embed puzzles into your blog.
  8. Puzzle Games: Find free "games for mental exercise" on this site, including Rotator, Slider and others.
  9. Maze: Walk your robot through the maze on a timed schedule.
  10. Puzzles.com: This great site has puzzles and logic games, as well as links to other puzzle sites.


From the New York Times crossword to printable puzzles and more, these games are some of the best for keeping your mind in shape.

  1. Crossword Puzzles: If you want a real challenge, try to solve these British puzzles.
  2. USA Today Crossword: Play the featured puzzle or dig through the archives.
  3. BestCrosswords.com: Get daily crossword puzzles on this site, which also keeps track of your scores.
  4. WebCrosswords.com: Play a puzzle for every day of the year on WebCrosswords.com.
  5. Crossword Puzzles!: This website is technically for kids, but you can make your own puzzles too.
  6. Crossword Puzzles for Studying the English Vocabulary: If you need some help with English vocabulary, this site is for you.
  7. New York Times Crosswords: Play these famous crosswords for free or subscribe to the premium editions.
  8. Free Crossword Puzzles: These Australian puzzles can be added to your blog.
  9. Crossword Puzzle Maker: Type in your words and clues, as well as other preferences, and this tool creates your own puzzle.
  10. Boatload Puzzles: Play 40,000 different crossword puzzles for free on this site.


This popular game is all over the Internet: take a few minutes out of each day to solve Sudoku puzzles and give your brain a workout.

  1. Web Sudoku: Play "billions of free Sudoku puzzles" here.
  2. Sudoku.com: Get instructions on how to play, find kid-friendly Sudoku games, save your games and browse solutions.
  3. Sudoweb: Check your answers for your online Sudoku games here.
  4. Sudoku Puzzles: Print these puzzles, check your answers and get tips on playing.
  5. The Daily SuDoku: Browse the archive, play the daily game and more.
  6. Funbrain Sudoku: Choose to play easy or hard Sudoku games on this site.
  7. WashingtonPost.com Sudoku: Play daily Sudoku, mini Sudoku or mega Sudoku here.
  8. Sudoku Kingdom: This page has a section for beginners, a daily game and a tracker that lists winning players by country.
  9. Free Printable Sudoku Puzzles: KrazyDad’s printable Sudoku puzzles come in four different levels.
  10. iPhone Sudoku: This version displays nicely on your iPhone.

Sent to Your Inbox and RSS

Sign up to have updated versions of these games in your RSS, inbox or iGoogle page.

  1. iGoogle Fun and Games: Add one or several of these games to your iGoogle page for updated fun everyday.
  2. Game Crazy: Xbox 360 games and others are delivered to your desktop.
  3. Pogo: Get a daily dose of Pogo when it’s sent from this site to your browser or RSS.

For Kids

Kids can start early with these age-appropriate problems and puzzles.

  1. NIEHS Kids Page: Here, kids will find a frog leap brainteaser, palindromes, optical illusions, puzzling proverbs and other puzzles.
  2. FunBrain: Play word searches, the math arcade and more.
  3. Brain Boosters: Discovery Education’s collection includes lateral thinking games, reasoning games, logic puzzles, word and letter play, math problems, and spatial awareness activities.
  4. Kids Games: Younger kids can play games to help them understand coordination, puzzles and more.
  5. PBS Kids: Kids will find games modeled after their favorite PBS characters here.
  6. Surf the Net With Kids: This large collection includes games about famous people, jigsaw puzzles, history, geography, holidays, card games, math games and a lot more.
  7. Education Place Brain Teasers: Students from grade 5 to grade 8 can answer brain teasers here.

Math and Numbers Problems

When you want to give your brain a math workout, try out these games and exercises.

  1. WebMath: If you’re stuck on any kind of math problem, this site will do its best to explain it to you.
  2. Math Problems, Questions and Online Self Tests: Test your math skills from slope to distance problems here.
  3. Mathproblems.info: Solve math problems to sharpen your brain here.
  4. Mystery Picture: Practice fast math with this game.
  5. Math Playground: Work on problem solving skills when you play math games, solve logic puzzles and more.

Logic Games

To practice your logic, play LSAT games and more.

  1. SuperKids Games of Logic and Reasoning: From Scrabble to Joggle to Battleship, work out your reasoning skills here.
  2. Logic Flash Game: Here you can solve various logic puzzles.
  3. Sample LSAT Logic Game: Even if you aren’t taking the LSAT, these practice questions can give your brain a workout.
  4. Logic Puzzle: This logic puzzle walks you through different strategies for solving logic problems.
  5. Logic and Puzzle Games: Play hundreds of different logic, mystery and puzzle games here, including one modeled after Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile.

Quizzes and Online Games

Here you can learn a lot about yourself by taking personality quizzes; or, you can just exercise your mind with online games.

  1. Blifaloo: Boredom relief is what Blifaloo’s all about, and you’ll find cartoons, jokes, puzzles, brainteasers, magic tricks and other fun stuff.
  2. GamedFree.com: Find all kinds of games here, including card games, casino games, shooting games, puzzles and more.
  3. Heavy Games: Categories here include multiplayer games, strategy games, adventure games and racing.
  4. Right Left Brain Test: Take this personality quiz to find out your natural strengths and the way your brain works.
  5. What Gender is Your Brain?: Do you think more like a man or woman? Find out here.
  6. IQ Test: Measure your IQ online when you take this free test.
  7. Games for the Brain: Play games like the image quiz, memocoly, counterfeit and others in different languages.
  8. Sheppard Software Brain Games: From logic games like Swap to puzzles like Mahjong10, these games will keep your mind sharp.
  9. Brain Games: Exercise your brain when you play memory games, language games, concentration games and more on this site.
  10. Your Amazing Brain…: This site is designed to exercise different parts of your brain. Discover more about your super senses, body language, memory and more.

Current Events and Trivia

Test your brain to see how much you know about culture and society, history and more with these trivia games.

  1. News Bowl Weekly Sample Quiz Game: This education site posts current events games that include topics like family and society, sports, arts and entertainment, and more.
  2. FunTrivia.com: Play all kinds of trivia games online and compare your scores with other players.
  3. Trivia Games: Test yourself on familiar quotations, Greek mythology, hit songs, nicknames and more.
  4. Trivia.com: This site has loads of quizzes, movie trivia games, history questions and more.
  5. Sploofus: Play tricky trivia games and quizzes here, then share your scores with other players.
  6. Trivia Spot: Trivia Spot features a fun fact of the day and a new quiz each day.
  7. U.S. Presidential Trivia Questions and Answers: Cover up the answers and test your presidential knowledge with this quiz.
  8. Jeopardy: The limited features version of this popular game is totally free.
  9. The Pi Trivia Game: This game incorporates the properties of Pi.
  10. TriviaPlaza: Learn about movies, pop music, literature, computers, geography, science and classical music when you take these trivia quizzes.

Brain Teasers and Word Games

From vocabulary games to regular brain teasers, these fun games are also good for your mind and your IQ.

  1. Braingle: Solve brain teasers and trivia questions while chatting with other players on the forum.
  2. PsychTests: Solve brain teasers and play trivia games here.
  3. BrainDen.com: This site is also readable on cell phones.
  4. Brain Teasers for You: Here you’ll find over 60 different brain teasers.
  5. Brain Binders: Print out these pictures and fold them into the correct shape.
  6. Brain Twisters: This site has one quiz for elementary students and one for middle schoolers, but you might be surprised at how little you remember from school.
  7. Word Quiz Set: Practice your vocabulary with this game.
  8. Fake Out!: Do you know more words than an 8th grader? Take this quiz to find out.
  9. Sharp Brains: This site is "the brain fitness authority," and you’ll find all kinds of tricky brain teasers.
  10. Smart Kit: This "brain gym and puzzle playground" has picture puzzles, Flash puzzle games, brain games, cryptograms, logic puzzles and more.

Evaluation Tools and Articles

Test your brain fitness with these tricks and games.

  1. Brain Teasers and IQ Tests: Visit this site to take all kinds of tests and quizzes and to solve brain teasers.
  2. Test Your Brain: Test your brain on its processing speed, ability to process information in a noisy room and more.
  3. Lumosity: The initial trial for Lumosity’s brain fitness program is free.
  4. IQ and intelligence tests: Take these IQ tests, subliminal messages test, organizational web design tests, memory tests and more to see how well your brain is functioning.
  5. 50 Fun Ways to Maximize Your Brain Fitness: This website has lots of great ways to keep your brain in shape, from drinking pomegranate juice to changing up your regular route.
  6. Steps to Brain Fitness: The Alliance for Aging Research lists 10 different ways to have a well-exercised brain.
  7. Train the Brain: Take reflex tests, play with a Rubik’s cube and more on this site.
  8. Mensa Fun Test: Find out if you’re one of the smartest people in the world when you take this test.
  9. Surveys and Psychology Tests: Tests offered on this BBC website include an art and personality test, memory and more.
  10. Test Cafe: Take all kinds of quizzes to test your brain, IQ, personality type and more.

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