Top 50 Eastern Medicine Blogs

Eastern medicine is starting to play a larger role in Western health care facilities and research studies, from acupuncture to herbal remedies. To learn more about the ancient but still popular medical traditions from the East, visit these blogs, which we’ve selected in no particular order as the top 50 Eastern medicine blogs.


Learn how acupuncture balances out and promotes the free flowing Qi.

  1. Portland Acupuncture Blog: Amy Chitwood Burslem is nationally board certified in Chinese herbal medicine and blogs about the benefits of acupuncture.
  2. Acupuncture and TCM Blog: This blog from the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine explores and analyzes acupuncture.
  3. Acupuncture Massage College: This blog from AMC discusses a range of health issues, from obesity and hypertension to heart disease.
  4. World Acupuncture Blog: Here you can learn all about acupuncture and how it is used for hangovers, labor pains, and even pediatric care.
  5. Gotham Acupuncture: This New Yorker blogs about how acupuncture is still relevant in modern society.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga isn’t a type of medicine in the Western sense, but it’s respected as a viable mental and physical exercise that promotes wellness and healing. Read these blogs for more information on how yoga is used in Eastern medicine.

  1. My Yoga Online Blog: This yoga resource discusses the many different ways yoga can be used to relieve stress, help digestion and more.
  2. Samadhi and the City: This blog from the Yoga Journal reveals how yogis pursue healthy lifestyles beyond their workouts.
  3. The Everything Yoga Blog: Get tips for healthy living, read about new yoga workouts and trends, and get inspired to live a yogi lifestyle when you read this blog.
  4. Go Yoga Jane: Here you can read about yoga as an "awakening and transformative" force that promotes wellness and harmony.
  5. Reflections on Yoga: Learn new poses and get recipe ideas for healthy meals that complement your workouts.

Herbal Medicine

These blogs will teach you all about herbal medicine and remedies, which are sometimes valid alternatives to Western drugs.

  1. Herbal Look up symptoms and herbal medicines on this blog to find cures and supplements.
  2. Blog of Herbs: From vitamins and weight loss to Eastern medicinal herbs, this blog combines Western trends and ancient alternative medicine.
  3. Henriette’s Herbal Homepage: This site features a gallery and glossary of different herbs, as well as a blog that includes posts about women’s health and more.
  4. Ayurveda and Herbal Remedies Blog: Learn about herbal supplements and how they treat stress and other symptoms here.
  5. Holistic Health and Herbal Medicine Blog: Katolen Yardley’s blog aims to teach readers about plant medicine and how it promotes "health and healing."
  6. Alternative Medicine Blog: Touted as "your personal guide to health," this blog discusses everything from vitamin deficiencies to herbal medicine.
  7. Live and Be Healthy: Visiting this blog will help you understand Filipino herbal medicine and practice.
  8. The Herbwife’s Kitchen: This blog is written by a West Virginia community herbalist who loves to cook and share her knowledge of "food, herbs, tradition and health."
  9. Natural Herbal Remedies Blog: Learn how to make your own natural herbal remedies from this blog, which also links to many other helpful resources about natural herbal medicine.

Holistic Health

Holistic health–the idea that equal attention should be paid to the mind, body and spirit–is a principle highly regarded by many Eastern medical traditions. Learn more about holistic health here.

  1. Natural Holistic Health Blog: Here you can read about anxiety disorders, depression, natural health remedies and more.
  2. DocRoberts Holistic Health Blog: DocRoberts explores everything from mental health to pediatric care to cancer on his blog about holistic health.
  3. Holistic Health Blog: Josh Rubin, a personal trainer who abides by his "East/West Healing and Performance" philosophy, posts videos that explain how the physical and mental are connected.
  4. Adventures in Mind-Body Medicine: This blog explores how the physical and mental are related and how this interconnectedness can be used to treat pain and other ailments.
  5. Watertown Holistic Health: Read this blog to learn about Eastern medicine, healthy macrobiotic recipes and more.
  6. Holistic Health Education: This blog is affiliated with the Australasian College of Health Sciences in Portland, OR, and discusses natural herbs and ingredients, holistic nutrition, and news in the holistic health and herbal remedies industries.
  7. Natural Holistic Health Blog: This blog from Healthedia features posts about healthy cooking, meditation and more.
  8. Get information on natural cures and power foods here.
  9. Live Lighter: Those who read Live Lighter will find tips for pursuing a holistic lifestyle and being healthy everyday.
  10. Holistic Health: This Times Union blog teaches readers "how to create greater health, happiness and peace of mind."


Natural births are another part of Eastern medicine, and these blogs will teach you all about midwifery.

  1. Women in Charge: Women in Charge is a birth blog project that hopes to inform more women about natural births.
  2. Midwife: Sage Femme, Hebamme, Comadrona, Partera: This Oregon-based midwife blogs about her practice, labor and pregnancy, and more.
  3. Belly Tales: A new midwife blogs about her job and midwifery in the news in her blog.
  4. Elemental Mom: Catch up on the news stories, FDA findings and more that affect women’s health, infant health, pregnancy and more on this blog.
  5. Babycatcher: Here you can read about midwifery and pregnancy in Africa.
  6. Midwifery is Catching: This blogger aims to bring Westernized mothers a purer experience when giving birth.
  7. Red Spiral: This blog comes from a doula, a woman who provides holistic support to expectant and delivering mothers.
  8. Instinctual Birth: Learn about fertility and more on this general midwifery blog.
  9. Homebirth: Midwife Mutiny in South Australia: Here you can catch up on everything you need to know about midwifery and natural births.
  10. PushedBirth: Read this blog to get a realistic account of what you can expect during a home birth.
  11. Tales of Midwifery: Get an honest look at midwifery on this blog.


These blogs teach and explore the scientific and cultural aspects of massage.

  1. Massage Mind and Body: An Atlanta licensed massage therapist blogs about the holistic benefits of massage here.
  2. Sylvia Carlson’s Blog: This blog on Suite 101 uncovers myths about massage, discusses how massage reduces stress, and more.
  3. The Massage Geek Blog: Visit this blog to gain insight into the science of massage, reflexology and acupuncture from a massage and shiatsu therapist in St. Paul, MN.


For even more Eastern medicine blogs, check out these sites, which cover acupressure and acupuncture, complementary and alternative medicine, and more.

  1. Deepest Health: Deepest Health is dedicated to "exploring classical Chinese medicine," and you can read interviews with licensed professionals and more.
  2. Ponder Natural Health Notes: This complementary and alternative medicine blog shares news about the industry and practice of "drug-free living."
  3. Chinese Medicine News: Those who want information and reports on "evidence-based" Chinese medicine will benefit from this site.
  4. altMD Blogs: Visit this page for blog posts about Eastern medicine, including acupuncture, integrative healing and more.
  5. Chinese Medicine Notes: This blog documents the news and trends surrounding Chinese medicine and its practice.
  6. Chinese Medicine Blog: Click on a category like rheumatic pains, anxiety or immunity to learn how Chinese medicine is used to treat its symptoms.
  7. Chinese Medicine Therapy: This blog covers acupressure and acupuncture, and plenty more Chinese therapies.

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