Back to Nature: Top 100 Herbal Medicine Blogs

Whether you’re looking to get a handle on the basics of herbal medicine or are an old pro looking for others to talk with, the Internet is full of places to learn and connect. We’ve put together a list of the best herbal medicine blogs to help you get pointers on everything from gardening to herbal supplements for weightlifting and a whole lot more.

General Herbal Medicine

These blogs are a great place to find a wide variety of herbal information.

  1. Live and Be Healthy: This blog focuses on Philippine herbal remedies and plants like ginger, oregano and lagundi.
  2. Living With Herbal Medicine: For information on herbal medicine and health foods that can keep you feeling good, longer, check out this blog.
  3. Herbal Medicine: Find out some of the benefits of taking herbal supplements from this basic blog.
  4. Herbal Healthcare: This blog is full of health news, especially that related to herbal remedies.
  5. Herbal News Magazine: Here you can read in-depth articles on health, herbal and nutrition related topics.
  6. Natural Solutions Blog: From alternative medicine to whole-body health, this blog covers a range of health issues.
  7. A Journey into Herbal and Natural Healing: Give this blog a read to get tips on using herbs to boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, raise your metabolism and much more.
  8. Vitamins and Herbs: If you’re looking for information on improving just about any element of your health with a natural remedy, try reading this blog.
  9. Herbal Medicine: Find herbal remedies and treatments that have been used around the world in this blog.
  10. Organic Medicinal Herbs: From aromatherapy to addiction, this blog covers a wide range of herbal issues.
  11. My Herb Shoppe: Check out this blog to learn about the latest herbal supplements, natural remedies and aromatherapy from a central Florida store.
  12. Herbal Whirled: Learn natural ways to deal with cold and flu season, how to get more sleep and even how to reduce restless leg syndrome from this herbal blog.
  13. The Herbal Advisor: For suggestions on herbal medications and remedies check out this blog. You’ll get get pointers on improving brain function and eliminating seasonal allergies.
  14. Herbal Teaism: Learn how getting your herbs in tea form can help improve your overall health.
  15. Herbal Nutrition Blog: Get news and information topics like nutrition, herbal vitamins and supplements and skin care from this blog.

Herbalist Bloggers

These bloggers love herbal medicine and can give great advice on what to try and what to avoid.

  1. Timeless Herb Secrets: Di-Di Hoffman, a South African herbal remedy blogger, posts tips about how you can add herbs to your daily life on this site.
  2. Herbs are Special: Isabell Shipard is all about herbs and shares her years of experience working with them in her blog and website.
  3. Steven Foster’s Herbal Blog: This blogger isn’t just interested in herbs but in photography and writing as well. Check out his blog for tips on all three.
  4. herbalblog: Written by an organic herb grower, this blog provides great information on cooking, gardening and herbal medications.
  5. Herbal Connection: This blogger explores shamanic traditions, some involving medicinal herbs, in this blog.
  6. The Herbinator: This herbalist and greenie posts news and views on a wide range of health, politics and environmental issues.
  7. Crow’s Daughter’s Herbal Wisdom: Here you can learn about a variety of traditional herbal treatments, some of which may be very effective.
  8. Katolen Yardley Holistic Health and Herbal Medicine Blog: A member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, blogger Katolen Yardley provides helpful and accurate information on some truly beneficial herbal treatments on her site.
  9. Henriette’s Herbal: Blogger Henriette shares her suggestions on herbal remedies and more on this blog.
  10. The Medicine Woman’s Roots: Learn about medicinal plants from the Gila area of New Mexico and which wild growing ones can be used to help cure a range of minor illnesses and discomforts.
  11. Blessings of a Herbwyfe: This blogger posts about her family life and her love of herbs and herbal remedies.

The Basics

These blogs are a great place for those who are new to herbal medicine to learn the basics.

  1. Herb Ways: Here you can learn all about different kinds of herbs with frequent posts giving information on uses and properties.
  2. Herb-blog-ogy: This blog is a great place to learn about how to do things like create an herbal first aid kit or what kind of herbs are ok to take during pregnancy.
  3. Best Herbal Solution: Check out this blog to learn about a variety of natural substances and supplements in detail.
  4. Cher’s Spot: Here you can learn about what kind of herbs to use when. A great resource for anyone new to herbal treatments.
  5. Herbal Medicine 360: This blog is a great place to get news and information on finding natural health doctors, supplements and much more.
  6. A.I.S.pinay: This blog is full of home remedies for a wide range of health conditions that range from the irritating to the day-ruining.
  7. Herbal Health:If you want to learn about the medicinal properties of specific herbs, check out this blog that’s posting them in alphabetical order.
  8. The Essential Herbal: The herbal magazine of the same name maintains this blog which is chock full of great herbal news and advice.
  9. The Witchen Kitchen Beginner Herbal: Learn how to make herbal concoctions that can help make you feel better, look good and even clean your house.

Herbal Health at Home

Learn how to grow, cook, dry and use herbs right in your own home from these blogs.

  1. Kitchen Table Medicine: Get advice from Dr. Scott on how to eat right and use all-natural ways to stay healthy.
  2. The Herbwife’s Kitchen: For information on just about every herb imaginable, plus ways to stay healthy during pregnancy and use herbs from your own backyard, this blog is a must-read.
  3. Herbal Recipe Journal: Learn some quick, do-it-at-home ways to use herbs to cure headaches, boost your immune system and much more.
  4. Amy’s Herb Garden Blog: If you need to know the basics of starting or maintaining a great herb garden, this blog is a great place to start.
  5. Herb Garden World: With information on herb gardening and herbal medicines, this blog is a great resource for any aspiring herbalist.
  6. Herb Guide Blog: Learn how to use herbs with great health benefits in cooking from this blog.
  7. Herb Garden Pro: Instead of buying herbs, why not grow them at home? This blog gives suggestions and design tips for creating a great home herb garden.
  8. Blog of Herbs: Love to cook with herbs? Drink herbal teas? You’ll find a wide range of recipes, tips and suggestions on this blog.
  9. Herbal Medicine from Your Garden: Check out this blog to learn how you can use plants right from your own home to create great herbal remedies.

Ayurvedic Care

Ayurveda is a type of traditional Indian medicine that uses treatments like massage, yoga and of course herbs to treat patients. Read more about it from these blogs.

  1. Holistic Herbalist: Follow Ayurvedic traditions through the advice on this blog, aimed at helping men, women and children get the natural, holistic healthcare they need.
  2. Ayurvedic Talk: From herbal remedies to stress-reducing yoga, this blog is full of great ways to get healthy naturally.
  3. Ayurveda and Herbal Remedies Blog: Get advice on herbal medicines and much more from this blog.
  4. Ayurvedic Medicine Blog: This blog tracks the latest news in Ayurvedic and herbal medicine worldwide.
  5. Ayurvedic Herbal Dietary Supplements: Have bad breath? Too much acid in your stomach? Read this blog for tips to improve your health and well-being, the Ayurvedic way.
  6. Kerala Ayurvedics: Check out this site for a long list of ayurvedic medicinal herbs and plants.
  7. Ayurvedic Cure: Read up on natural ways to help your skin look healthy, lose weight and much more in this blog.
  8. Ayurveda for You: Learn all about the different herbs and plants that are used in traditional Ayurvedic practice from this site.
  9. Herbal Ayurvedic Remedies: Here you can find suggestions on ayurvedic ways to lower your cholesterol, lose weight, control diabetes and more.

Chinese Medicine

Learn from thousands of years of medical practice on this Chinese medicine blogs.

  1. Traditional Chinese Medicine: From the latest news to basic information, this blog has you covered for information on traditional Chinese medicine.
  2. DAAN Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture: DAAN, an herbal supplements and tea store, runs this blog that is full of helpful advice and information.
  3. Chinese Medicine News: Keep up with the latest goings on in Chinese medicine through this blog.
  4. Dimmak Herbs: Learn more about the herbs this company provides from its blog.
  5. Deepest Medicine: With podcasts, informative posts and more, this blog is a great place to learn all about Chinese medicine.
  6. Chinese Medicine Notes: This blog aims to cover everything that’s Chinese medicine related, with additional links, books and more to keep you busy.
  7. Chinese Medicine Blog: From skin care to diabetes, this blog provides suggestions for Chinese herbal remedies.
  8. Chinese Herbs and Company: This site is a great reference for all kinds of herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Health Experts

Make sure you’re getting reliable information about herbal medications by checking out these health professional-run blogs.

  1. Dr. Tori Hudson, N.D.: Tori Hudson is a naturopathic physician and you can learn all about her practice and herbal remedies that might work for you in her blog.
  2. Jonathan Treasure’s Herblog: This researcher posts all kinds of interesting information about his studies of herbal medicine.
  3. Dr. Ben’s Natural Health Blog: With tips on killing toe fungus with a beer soak to what foods to avoid because of pesticides, this doctor gives a variety of healthy, natural tips.
  4. Dr. Melissa Clouthier: This doctor is all about Chinese medicine in her practice, but her blog focuses on a wide range of issues.
  5. The Integrator Blog: Learn about the business of integrated medicine from this blog.
  6. Terra Sigillata: Focused on medicines that come from the earth, this academic researcher and blogger provides loads of interesting content to read.
  7. Herbal Science Research: If you’re interested in reading about the latest research that’s being done on herbal treatments, bookmark this blog.
  8. Herbal Legacy: Here you can learn from Dr. Christopher on all kinds of issues related to natural healthcare, herbal medicine and more.

Natural and Alternative Medicine

Check out these general natural medicine blogs to learn more about herbal healthcare.

  1. Alternative Medicine Blog: This blog is dedicated to promoting "health and systems that treat disease with natural, nontoxic therapies backed by scientific research."
  2. CAMLAW Blog: Here you’ll find posts about alternative medicine from a legal point of view.
  3. Alternative Medicine: Natural Cure for the Modern World: This blog covers everything from herbal medicine to yoga.
  4. Natural and Alternative Healing: With posts on treating croup, what herbal medicines you should always have on hand and getting rid of bad breath naturally, this blog is a great read.
  5. Dr. Brad on Conventional and Alternative Medicine: Written by a doctor, this blog is a helpful place to find out about new developments in aging treatments in both conventional and alternative medicine.
  6. Natural Health: Whether you want to learn about herbal remedies or just want to find out new ways to de-stress, this blog can be a big help.
  7. Your Natural Remedies: With daily tips on health and beauty, and a wide range of other natural remedies, this blog is a great place to get up to date on herbal health care.
  8. Vitamin Stuff Blog: Here you’ll get news and information on vitamins, living healthy and alternative health issues.
  9. The Natural Cures Blog: Learn new ways you can stay healthy the natural way from this blog.
  10. Alternative Medicine: Read this blog to find out about massage, diet, herbal supplements, acupuncture and more.
  11. Your Alternative Health Medicine Blog: With posts on acupuncture, healthy eating, herbal treatments and more this blog is full of alternative health information.
  12. Natural Holistic Health Blog: Do you know what teas are best for you? How herbal remedies can help your fibromyalgia? This blog can give you the basics on both.
  13. Natural Solutions: This site is home to posts on holistic healthcare and alternative therapies.
  14. Traditional and Modern Medicine: This blog covers a wide range of alternative health issues, from folk remedies to herbal cures.
  15. Homeopathy Remedies: From getting rid of nasty toenail fungus to preventing and treating insomnia, this blog is full of healthy and natural alternatives.

Traditional Herbal Remedies

Some herbal remedies have a long tradition of use. Check out these blogs to learn more about some old school herbal ways to stay healthy.

  1. Folk Remedies Natural Health: Here you can learn about traditional folk remedies to help keep you healthy and feeling good.
  2. Household Hospital: This blog gives advice on loads of ways you can cure yourself with things you have at home.
  3. Our Home Remedies: Cure a sore throat or minimize your misery during a cold by following the recipes on this site.
  4. Granny Home Remedies: From feeling better to looking good, this blog shares traditional herbal remedies to get the job done.
  5. Old Time Remedies: Your ancestors probably knew what they were doing when they used the remedies shared in this blog.
  6. SureFire Natural Remedies: On this blog you can learn how to use things you might already have at home to treat things like acid reflux.
  7. Natural Remedies Cures: This blog explores some ways you can prevent big health problems with natural remedies.
  8. Natural Herbal Remedies Blog: Learn why herbal remedies may be better for your health from this site.
  9. Herbal Household Remedies: Both you and your family can benefit from the information provided by this blog. You’ll learn lots of great ways to use everyday, natural products.
  10. Home Remedies and Herbal Medicines: From curing an annoying cough to getting in the mood, this blog gives some traditional herbal ways to do it all.

Beauty and Fitness

These herbal blogs are all about keeping you looking good on the outside while feeling good on the inside.

  1. Organic Body Diet: Want to body build the organic and herbal way? You can get tips on how to do it from blogger and buff guy Ian.
  2. Herbal Supplements Blog: Those in search of advice and information on herbal supplements can find both on this blog.
  3. Herbs n Oils: This South African blogger explains how to get back to the basics in beauty.
  4. More Natural Beauty: If you’d like to find out how to make your own natural beauty products, give this blog a read.
  5. Natural Herbal Beauty: Learn how to deal with a range of beauty and health care issues naturally in this blog.
  6. Troo Health Care: This blog is dedicated to natural health and beauty products from curing migraines to helping you with acne.

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