100 Best Health and Nutrition Blogs for Athletes

By Emily Thomas

Besides going to the gym or paying for a personal trainer or medical professional, athletes and active individuals can find all kinds of helpful and professional information online. This group of blogs is devoted to helping athletes learn more about their health, staying safe during training and conditioning, and eating right to promote a holistically healthy lifestyle, all without having to earn an online degree in nutrition.

Blogs by Athletes and Professionals

These experts know what they’re talking about. Listen to their advice on safe workouts, eating for an active lifestyle, and more.

  1. Caustic Musings: Maggie Wang is a fan of "muscles…and healthy foods that don’t taste like sawdust," and has great ideas for working out and eating right, even when your budget is tight.
  2. The Everyday Athlete: This cyclist shares recipes and health information, as well as news about the cycling world.
  3. A Trail Runner’s Blog: Scott Dunlap writes about the holistic benefits and challenges of trail running and ultrarunning.
  4. Fitness Black Book: Rusty Moore’s immensely popular blog will show you how to get the body of a Hollywood star, as long as you’re ready to listen. All cheesiness aside, he actually has good tips for stretching, achieving your weight loss goals, and more.
  5. A Passion for Running: Mark, aka the Running Blogfather, has survived shin splints and stress fractures, and shares tips on how to avoid injury and increase running time.
  6. Gym Junkies: Gym Junkies is written by Vic Magary, a karate/taekwondo black belt and military veteran. He posts videos, has tips for eating well, and more.
  7. My Yoga Online: Beginners and yoga pros will learn tips for exercising, stretching, mastering poses, and better nutrition from the qualified yoga and Pilates instructors on this site.
  8. Hyperlipid: Peter has degrees and experience in metabolic studies, physiology and biochemistry. He’s also switched to a high-fat diet: see how it’s worked for him.
  9. Keep it Street Level: Bikers can get inspiration for cycling trips, learn about new cycling products, and learn more about adventure and adrenaline culture here.
  10. Joe DiAngelo: Popular New York City fitness trainer Joe DiAngelo blogs to motivate everyday people to change their lives through exercise.

Fitness and Training

These blogs are committed to sharing fitness tips, training exercises, new workouts and more.

  1. Skwigg Blog: Here you can get ideas for eating right and keeping the balance between not enough exercise and overdoing it.
  2. Burn the Fat Blog: Tom Venuto helps you lose weight by sharing nutrition information, tips for getting your vitamins, how to get great abs, and more.
  3. Personal Trainer: This blog is written by Amy Dixon, the fitness expert for Women’s Health.
  4. Military Fitness Blog: Get tips for intense workouts, pacing yourself and more, from this blog that’s fit for military trainees and officers here.
  5. Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple: Make a point to copy Mark’s fitness, nutrition and sleep routines to stay healthy and active throughout your life.
  6. CrossFit: Follow different individuals as they aim to get in shape using the same system that police academies and military special ops units follow.
  7. TheIFLife: Get fitness and training tips, read about healthy eating, and get the facts on fasting here.
  8. Fitsugar: The Sugar Network’s fitness blog is geared towards women athletes and women who want to learn more about exercise and healthy living.
  9. Conditioning Research: Read posts about low-carb diets, higher body fat percentages, making the most of gym equipment, dealing with stress, and more.
  10. Ross Training: Watch videos of workouts, get inspired by true stories of athlete’s journeys, and learn how to get creative with your gym equipment.

Youth Blogs

Teen athletes and parents of active kids can turn to these blogs to make sure they’re not damaging their still-growing bones and bodies.

  1. Families.com Fitness Blog: Parents will get tips for helping their kids get into fitness and exercise here.
  2. Teen Fitness: Articles here include "Raising Your Athletic Daughter" and "Help Your Teen Get Fit."
  3. Health+Sex+Fitness: Watch videos from the Seventeen magazine trainer, read tips on healthy eating and more.

Weight Loss and Dieting

Learn more about safe weight loss through dieting and exercise here.

  1. The Token Fat Girl: Lorrie shares healthy recipes and her journey to exercise more, stick to a healthy pattern and lose weight.
  2. The Diet Naked Blog: This blogger has kept track of her amazing weight loss journey for the benefit of other dieters. Get tips on foods to avoid, healthy recipes and more.
  3. Hold the Mayo. Extra Cheese: Read posts about the constant struggle to eat right and stay motivated to work out.
  4. Nutrition Data Blog: Decode your weight loss shortcomings and learn how to eat right for your active lifestyle.
  5. Diet and Fitness Blog: This blog on eDiets shows you how to stick to your healthy eating resolutions, organize a health checklist, and more.
  6. Former Fat Guy: This super fit guy blogs about bodybuilding, getting over your excuses, and more.
  7. John is Fit: Find out how to make the change from fat to fit when you read John’s blog.

Healthy Lifestyle

These blogs encourage active individuals to pursue a healthy lifestyle through eating right, exercising, and being emotionally happy and stress-free.

  1. Trying Fitness: Eartha writes to motivate herself and others to exercise regularly and eat healthy.
  2. Go Healthy Go Fit: Learn about celebrity diets and workouts, leading a healthy lifestyle, and creative workouts here.
  3. Eat Right, Stay Well: Christine McKinney, M.S., R.D., C.D.E., helps people turn around their lives by adopting healthy eating habits.
  4. The Whole Story: Whole Foods’ official blog is an excellent resource for learning how to live green, finding new recipes, and more.
  5. Brad Pilon’s Nutrition Help Blog: Brad Pilon writes on "the science of food, fasting, and health," and he features great recipes as well as exercise tips.
  6. Groovy Vegetarian: Here you will find vegetarian substitutes for protein and fat sources, as well as new product reviews and more.
  7. Whole Health Source: Stephan is a doctoral candidate in neurobiology and blogs about "health, food, wholesome living," aging, and nutrition studies. 
  8. A Hearty Life: Learn how to protect your heart and avoid risk factors everyday.
  9. Lift: Anyone who leads an active lifestyle or just wants to be more active will get inspiration and healthy living tips from this adventure magazine blog.
  10. Fitness and Health with Dr. Gabe Mirkin: Recent posts from this medical blog include "Cold or fever: Should you Exercise?" and "Understanding Delayed Muscle Soreness." He also has tips for eating right and maintaining a healthy balance for exercise and nutrition.

Recipe Ideas

Turn to these blogs for recipes that will keep you healthy and energized.

  1. Pinch My Salt: This blog is full of mouthwatering pictures of recipes that use fresh ingredients.
  2. Healthy Recipe Doctor: WebMD’s Elaine Magee has tips for creating "healthy meals that are guaranteed to please."
  3. Veg Cooking Blog: Vegetarians can get yummy recipe ideas for poblano and onion hash browns, vegan naan, banana nut bread, and more.
  4. Robb Wolf: Get gluten-free recipes and fitness tips here.
  5. Simply Recipes: Browse recipes by type, like seafood, vegetarian, budget recipes or low-carb.
  6. The Recipe Girl: The Recipe Girl posts creative recipes but also keeps a personal weight-loss journal that includes an exercise log and menu recap.
  7. The Skinny Gourmet: The Skinny Gourmet shows you that you don’t have to sacrifice creativity or taste to keep things healthy.
  8. Bodybuilding Recipes Blog: Try out some of these recipes if you’re trying to bulk up.
  9. Built Nutrition: Get recipes for all kinds of diets and fitness programs here.
  10. Third Chance Fitness: Get healthy recipes for naked pasta, chicken salad, balsamic marinated chicken breasts, and more.

Mental Health

These mental health blogs acknowledge the benefits of exercise on your mood and emotional well-being. You can also get tips on fighting depression, anxiety and more.

  1. Zen to Fitness: Learn how to stay in shape "while living life" when you read blog posts like "7 Reasons to cut back on Alcohol" and "Visualization: Power Relaxation."
  2. Psych Central: Learn how to boost your mood and stay emotionally healthy when you read this blog.


Runners can read these blogs to learn about injury, get motivated and get tips for training for races.

  1. Ask the Running Doc: Understand running-related health problems and symptoms when you read this blog.
  2. Gotta Run!: This blogger is training for her fourth marathon. You’ll find inspiration and helpful tips here.
  3. Run Petra Run!: Petra is training for the London marathon in April of 2009. Read about her training and journey here.
  4. I Run for My Life: Read about this runner’s recovery from a torn Peroneal tendon and her new fitness plan as an expectant mom.
  5. Running Adventures in an Extraordinary World: Get inspiration to race and stick with your exercise plan when you read the blog from these two runners.
  6. Dean’s Blog: Dean is a serious marathon runner and has tips for making your runs more effective, rehabilitating and comfortable.
  7. A Runner’s Blog: Get tips and insight into this average runner’s strength training, race training and more.
  8. Nike Running: Coach Jay has tips for runners in training.

Nutrition and Vitamins

Learn more about the nutrition your body craves as an athlete when you read these nutrition and vitamin blogs.

  1. Diet Blog: This popular blog has lots of information, news, and recipe ideas about eating right and setting up a good eating plan.
  2. Integrative Nutrition Blog: This blog covers news and trends relating to healthy eating and nutrition in the U.S., from school lunches to picking ingredients to nutrition studies.
  3. What to Eat: Learn about food recalls, nutrition studies, and the foods you should be eating here.
  4. Healthy Eating and Nutrition News: Tony is an award-winning cook and blogs about nutrition news, healthy eating, and the journey to a healthier lifestyle.
  5. The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.: Learn about low-carb diets and nutrition from this blog.
  6. Nutrition Research Center: This blog aims to be "your source for natural healthcare," and you can get information on cholesterol, vitamins, nutrients and more.
  7. Eating Fabulous: Eating Fabulous covers healthy snacks, immune defense foods, organic foods, and the best foods for your body.
  8. NAFWA Nutrition Blog: The Nutrition and Food Web Archive’s nutrition blog covers ideas for eating healthier, important nutrition findings and news for the general public, and more.
  9. The Renegade Health Show: Get recipes and learn about vegan, raw food and holisitc nutrition philosophies.
  10. Nutrition-Wise Blog: The Mayo Clinic’s nutrition blog posts about Vitamin D benefits, starting healthy nutrition habits, and more.

Sports Medicine

Look up injuries and learn how to exercise safely when you read these sports medicine blogs.

  1. Natural Sports Medicine Blog: Dr. Todd N. Narson is a chiropractic sports medicine doctor who blogs about concussions, ankle sprains and other athlete health issues.
  2. Sports Medicine Blog: Learn about risk factors and risky exercise moves, injury prevention and more.
  3. Basics Sports Medicine – Blog: This blog is maintained by exercise physiologists, nutritionists, trainers, massage therapists and other professionals who want to spread the word about sports medicine and safe exercises.
  4. 98.6: Dr. Pribut’s Blog: Dr. Pribut is a sports podiatrist and past president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. He blogs about running injuries, sports and fitness safety, and more.
  5. Spine and Sports Medicine: From this blog, run by a therapeutic sports medicine office, you can learn about your symptoms and the treatment options that will help you recover.
  6. Sports Medicine: Steven M. Cohen blogs for Suite 101 on "the mechanism, treatment and prevention of sports injuries."
  7. Coastal Sports and Wellness Medical Center Blog: This San Diego clinic helps cyclists, runners and triathletes recover from injury. Learn tips for injury prevention and read news on new rehab trends and techniques.
  8. Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Blog: Dr. Howard J. Luks blogs about health care 2.0 and shares information about common sports injuries and procedures, like knee replacement.
  9. BSC Blog: Learn how to do safe exercises when you watch the videos and read posts on this blog.

Rest and Recovery

Your body also needs to learn how to rest and recover, as well as train and exercise. These physical therapy and massage blogs will give you tips on recovering from and preventing injury.

  1. Orthopedic Physical Therapy: Although this blog is written for doctors, nurses, and orthopedic practitioners, serious athletes can learn about new developments in the field.
  2. MikeReinold.com: Learn about microfractures, arthritis, rehab and more.
  3. Physical Therapy Blog: Laura Inverarity, D.O., blogs about procedures and surgeries, arthritis and more.
  4. Kauai Massages Blog: Learn about therapeutic massage and get general healthy living tips.
  5. Fingertips: Get tips for massage therapy and information about its benefits here.
  6. Snoozester: Learn why sleep is good for you and get tips for a better night’s rest here. 


For even more blogs on health, nutrition, weightlifting, medical studies and more, turn to this list.

  1. Male Pattern Fitness: Here, men can read posts about nutrition, weightlifting, fitness and more.
  2. The Great Fitness Experiment: Charlotte reads all the crazy nutrition and fitness studies and then tests them out on herself to let you know what works and what doesn’t.
  3. Oregon Live Health and Fitness News: Read news stories and features about medical studies, nutrition and fitness in Oregon and elsewhere.
  4. I Ate a Pie: Find reviews of fad foods and diet foods here.
  5. Sports Fitness Hut: Learn about different kinds of exercises here.
  6. Health Expert Advice Blogs: Read blogs from diet and fitness experts and others to read up on working out with anxiety, as a senior, and more.
  7. A Weight Lifted: Women who want an alternative to boring diets can learn how to get healthy here.
  8. A Dumbbell in a Home Gym: This blogger devotes posts to her treadmill, coping with holiday temptations and more.
  9. Pilates Blog: Learn about the benefits of Pilates, even if you’re in training for another sport.
  10. Fit Buff: This blog is all about making healthy choices through fitness and nutrition regimes.
  11. Embrace Your Heart Blog: Learn how to take care of your heart when you read this blog.
  12. Sports Nutrition: Learn how to refuel after workouts here.
  13. Vitamin Stuff Blog: Learn about creatine, antioxidants, vitamins, herbal medicine and more.
  14. Trifuel Blog Network: Read about members’ fitness journeys, training regimes and more.

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