100 Useful Sites for School Nurses

Working with kids can be satisfying. Sick kids are another matter entirely. From parents worried about every cough and sniffle to clever children faking their way out of a pop quiz, the work of a school nurse tries patience and skill. To pass the day and make the work load lighter, here are the 100 most useful sites for school nurses.

Social Sites

Everybody needs friends and school nurses are no different. Check out these great social sites for nurses to connect, discuss pressures and even find their next job.

  1. Nurse Connect: Find friends and coworkers with this social site perfect for job networking or reconnecting with former colleagues.
  2. Nurse Linkup: A community of nurses sharing industry news and advice.
  3. allnurses: This social nursing network for nurses covers any and all topics relating to nursing. Get questions answered or get nursing articles.
  4. Nurse Page: A social site helping nurses with the precarious balance between life and work.
  5. Nursing Link: This social networking site is specifically designed to help nurses get their next job, whether in a school or hospital.
  6. Nurse Chat: An anonymous forum for nurses to discuss various trends and topics in their industry.
  7. Nurse Group: A community of nurses answering questions about school, work and general health.
  8. Nurses Reconnect: A global network aiming to reconnect nurses that work internationally.
  9. Everyday Nurses: Offering the power of collaborative information to help with questions and research, this is a message board and forum for all nurses.
  10. Nurse’s Cafe: A social networking site for individuals in the medical field, Nurse’s Café links people across specialties.
  11. Nurse.com: A community of nurses sharing job info and industry gossip.
  12. Nursing Chat: Find a nurse in any specialty to answer questions or find a job.
  13. MyNurseBook: A social network dedicated to ending the global nursing shortage by connecting charities with donors and prospective nursing students with valuable resources.
  14. Ultimate Nurse: Networks and forums discussing nursing jobs and industry topics.
  15. Nurses Forum: A global online community with aims to bettering standards in nursing.
  16. Nurse Entrepreneur Network: Due to budget cut backs a number of schools are outsourcing their nursing duties to healthcare companies. This social network offers business solutions for nurses that own their own businesses.
  17. MedicalMingle: A free social network for professionals interested in or studying the healthcare industry.
  18. Nursing Related Videos: This community of nurses share videos with the aim of increasing industry standards.
  19. Twitter: The micro-blogging and social community site has proven extremely useful for a seemingly unlimited number of applications. Nurses and schools are using it to inform parents of emergencies.
  20. Facebook: The web’s most popular social networking site is still one of the best for meeting colleagues and friends regardless of the industry.

Symptom Checkers

Even the most skilled professionals get stumped by their work. A number of crafty kids use these helpful and reliable symptom checkers to fake illnesses. These symptom search engines help nurses, teachers and moms find out fakers.

  1. Merck A.D.A.M. Symptom Navigator: A comprehensive symptom engine offered from the German pharmaceutical giant.
  2. WebMD: The Internet’s most popular self-diagnosis tool, this site basically started the online health trend.
  3. Healia: Not only does this great symptom tool diagnose patients’ symptoms but it also help users find support groups to help cope with their illnesses.
  4. My Electronic MD: A symptom search checker designed to view the process from the patient’s point of view.
  5. Diseases Database: A great resource for the sick and curious alike to research any disease no matter how exotic and rare.
  6. InteliHealth: A symptom search engine provided by health insurer Aetna, this great site is partnered with Harvard Medical School to provide top-notch medical information.
  7. eCureMe: This resources includes a helpful symptoms list for users that can’t quite characterize their problems, then search diseases and ailments based on your most troublesome symptom.
  8. Healthline Symptom Search: Packed with over a million definitions and more than 250,000 medical terms, this great symptom engine consults articles and its own database for your diagnosis.
  9. Family Doctor: One of the few symptom engines provided by a non-profit organization, Family Doctor is provided for free by the American Academy of Family Physicians.
  10. RxList: A symptom checker specifically geared toward pharmaceutical drugs and their potential adverse reactions.
  11. Medicine Net: This symptom tool searches for symptoms, ailments and diseases based on medical symptoms an lingo yielding professional and accurate results.
  12. OrganizedWisdom: Keep up to date with the latest news in health in real time with this doctor guided symptom search checker.
  13. Medinfo: This symptoms checker is maintained by an English doctor seeking to answer questions and give advice.
  14. Free MD: A virtual doctor guides users through the process of diagnosing their symptoms and offers helpful suggestions to get better. This site offers a clean interface and tons of video to make it seem like you’re visiting a real doctor.
  15. MD Guidelines: A symptom search engine for medicial professionals, this resource seeks to bring uniformity to disability diagnosis. Makes searching for common symptoms and diagnoses connected to work related injuries.

Blogs by School Nurses

Blogs can offer colleagues useful tips and advice for dealing with job pressures. Check out the school nurses detailing their lives and careers on these fantastic blogs.

  1. The School Nurse Speaks: A blog from a school nurse about the pressures of her job.
  2. School Nurse News Source: Keep up to date with the latest news affecting school nurses and children’s health.
  3. Confessions of a School Nurse: The stories of an experienced school nurse who has "performed innumerable lice checks, and distributed enough Ritalin to subdue a small nation." A hilarious and fun blog.
  4. The School Nurse Blog: For school nurses and wannabes, this blog dispenses advice and information about school healthcare.
  5. The Health Care Blog: News and information about the health care industry, especially as it relates to children.
  6. Southern School Nurses: This blog is from two nurses working at the same school and comments on the latest in health information.
  7. Florida Association of School Nurses Blog: A great news and information resource for Florida school nurses.
  8. Los Angeles Council of School Nurses: This blog organizes events and training for school nurses in the Los Angeles area.
  9. Impacted Nurse: A blog from an Australian nurse offering unique insights into all aspects of nursing including child care.
  10. School Nurse Jack: This school nurse and mother lives and writes in Austin, Texas. Follow her life as a school nurse and grad student.
  11. Anita’s School Nurse Weblog: A blog with articles and discussions about life as a school nurse.
  12. School Nurse Jackie: This blog details a school nurse’s efforts to deal with stress through knitting.
  13. SD School Nurses Association: This site from the South Dakota School Nurses Association focuses on the unique challenges faced by rural school nurses.
  14. Effect Measure: Public health information from this blog is reliable and timely with common parental concerns such as food allergies.
  15. How I Spent My Nursing Education: Follow the regrets and hindsight of a recent nursing school graduate who routinely discusses issues relating to children such as autism.
  16. about a nurse: Health news and information are available on this blog discussing general and school nursing topics.
  17. Wall Street Journal Health Blog: Parent’s questions and concerns are often shaped by media coverage. Follow this blog and anticipate common questions.
  18. Nursing in Elementary School: A blog from a mother and school nurse about life, career and family.
  19. Middle School Nursing: Advice and tips from a blog specific to middle school nurses.
  20. Charter School Nurses Network: A blog for nurses working in charter schools.

Job Sites

Despite news the economy is gradually improving, unemployment rates are still disturbingly high. School nurses have little to worry about, however. Both education and health care are growth industries in constant demand of qualified candidates. School nurses need to use these job sites to help find their next job.

  1. SchoolSpring: A job resource for anyone in the education field, this site also hosts listings for school nurses.
  2. NursingJobs.org: The top-notch job placement services offered by this not for profit website can help any nurse get placed in their next school fast.
  3. Ultimate Nurse: Find your next job in nursing with this helpful employment site covering all fields of nursing.
  4. NHS Careers: This comprehensive resource for school nurses seeking jobs is offered by the British government.
  5. Wisconsin Association of School Nurses Job Board: A job portal for school nurses in Wisconsin, unfortunately, postings are limited to the state.
  6. Association of School Nurses of Connecticut: A trade association job resource, this Connecticut-based school nurses group helps its members find jobs in the state and elsewhere.
  7. Nurse Recruiter: An online job portal for nurses to find their next paycheck.
  8. SNOM Job Openings: The School Nurses Association of Minnesota brings licensed school nurses this site for finding work in the land of 10,000 lakes.
  9. RN.com: Continuing education and job postings make this resource invaluable to all nurses, not just those in school.
  10. Nursing Times: A place for nurses to find jobs or gather news about nursing.
  11. Nurse Options: Search job listings, post a resume and connect with potential employers all on this easy to use nursing site.
  12. MedicalWorkers.com: Comprehensive and helpful, this database of health jobs offers plenty of school nurse listings.
  13. Medzilla: Employment services for anyone in the healthcare field from researchers to school nurses.
  14. NurseJobs.com: Thousands of nursing positions are available on this site along with continuing education and news resources.
  15. Health Career Web: Thousands of available jobs from across the health industry, this great site can help applicants find work as a school nurse or chief of pediatric oncology.

Resources for Managing Kids’ Health

Kids may hurt themselves or accidentally get sick because they don’t know any better. For school nurses, the frustrating part of the job comes when parents are shockingly ignorant of their child’s general health. These resources are perfect recommendations to parents needing some help managing their kids’ health.

  1. Mayo Clinic Child Health Manager: From the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, this health manager handles your kids diet, symptoms and development with ease.
  2. AAP Bright Futures: The American Association of Pediatrics offers these tool and resources for helping parents and professionals manage kids’ healthcare.
  3. HRSA Maternal and Child Health Bureau: This government resource offers data, tools and information about children’s health issues.
  4. MyPyramid.gov: The food pyramid has been a decades old staple in American school. Unfortunately, few children, or even parents, heed its ancient wisdom. The US Department of Agriculture has brought the pyramid into the 21st century with this diet tool for kids and parents alike.
  5. Data Resource Center for Child and Adolescent Health: Search multiple government databases for the latest child health information.
  6. Discovery Health: Television was once mocked as entertainment for idiots but now it’s an invaluable tool for education. The Discovery Channel offers this helpful guide for child development and general health.
  7. EPA Healthy School Environment: A great resource for school nurses and parents, this site from the Environmental Protection Agency offers tips on maintaining a healthy school environment.
  8. healthfinder.gov: This database of health terms, topics and information is from the Department of Health and Human Services and contains a voluminous section on children.
  9. Child Trends Databank: A resource detailing trends in children’s health issues such as autism and vaccinations.
  10. Children’s Health Campaign: A site offering literature and advice for bettering the global quality of children’s health.

Professional Organizations

Professional and trade organizations can be extremely helpful to worker regardless of the field. From contract disputes to shorter working hours, workers have often bettered their conditions and pay through active participation in a professional organization. Here are the best for school nurses.

  1. National Association of School Nurses: The premier school nurses association in the United States, this group lobbies in Washington and keeps members informed of vital news.
  2. National Student Nurses’ Association: This great site helps practicing nurses reach out to students to offer support and guidance through their education.
  3. California School Nurses Organization: One of the largest state-level school nurses organizations in the country, CSNO offers forums for industry gossip and resources for improving school health quality.
  4. Texas School Nurses Association: The largest association of school nurses in the South, this site offers quick membership services and job placement help.
  5. American School Health Association: A national organization dedicated to improving school health and children’s health care, ASHA makes quality research and information available to the public.
  6. Schoolnurse.com: A great professional resource for every school nurse. With this great site, find news, jobs and tools for school nurses.
  7. New York State School Nurses Association: The largest school nurses association in the northeast is a great resource for industry news and jobs affecting New York state.
  8. American Nurses Association: The largest professional nursing organization in the country, the ANA offers tons of great resources for updating necessary credentials or finding a job.
  9. The National Association of Hispanic Nurses: Hispanics are an increasingly important demographic in the US but Hispanic nurses are still underrepresented in the industry. This site offers resources for Hispanics in nursing or with aspirations to become a nurse.
  10. International Council of Nurses: An international advocacy group aiming to increase student interest in nursing as a career.
  11. National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practicioners: This amazing resource has a bevy of information, advice, tools and other useful items to help better manage a child’s health.
  12. American Public Health Association: A non-profit group aimed at improving the general health of the American public through education and information.
  13. Amercian Association for the History of Nursing: Forget the past and you’re doomed to repeat it. Check out this great site detailing the rich history of nursing in the US.
  14. National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Service: Nursing is a field in constant shortage. This organization aims at recruiting students into nursing and also offers continuing education to practicing nurses.
  15. Ohio Association of School Nurses: The professional organization for school nurses in Ohio, this site promotes quality healthcare for the state’s children.


Remembering many minute medical facts in an instant can be difficult but, unfortunately, it’s necessary for nurses. At least modern technology will help pick up the slack when you’re having an off day. Here are the best reference guides for school nurses.

  1. Universiy of Iowa Virtual Children’s Hospital: A resource from the University of Iowa medical school, offering diagnosis, research and reference tools to patients, parents and nurses.
  2. Nurse’s PDR Drug Handbook: A handbook for nurse’s with comprehensive facts about prescription drugs and their side effects.
  3. Nursing Ethics: A resource to help answer any and all ethical dilemmas that may cross a nurse’s path.
  4. CarePlans.com: This site is specifically dedicated to offering nurses libraries and reference materials involving care planning.
  5. Wolter Kluwer Facts and Comparison: Get drug information from this simple database offered by a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

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