50 Best Blogs for Neonatal Nurses

By Hannah Watson

As a neonatal nurse, you’re a part of an incredibly important time in the lives of families. Consequently, you’re in need of lots of support and knowledge to keep doing a great job. Here, we’ll take a look at 50 blogs that can help neonatal nurses with emotional, motivational, and informational support.

Medical Professionals

See what other medical professionals in neonatal and related fields are doing in these blogs.

  1. At Your Cervix: Read this blog to find out about the adventures of a labor and delivery nurse.
  2. The Skeptical OB: Amy Tuteur takes a critical look at obstetrics.
  3. Stork Stories: Read stories of birth and breastfeeding on this blog.
  4. Neonatal Doc: This neonatologist practices in an urban area of the US.
  5. Tales from Labor & Delivery: This blogger insists that labor and delivery isn’t brain surgery.
  6. Babycatcher: This blog is written by a babycatcher in Africa.
  7. Baby Catcher: Jody works nights as a labor and delivery nurse in a large learning hospital.
  8. Reflections of an Aspiring Nurse-Midwife: This blogger works as a labor and delivery nurse, and is attending school to become a Certified Nurse Midwife.
  9. Birthday Nurse: On this blog, you’ll read about birthday stories from a new grad nurse in labor and delivery.
  10. NeoNurseChic: NeoNurseChic is studying to become a pediatric nurse practitioner.
  11. OB Nurse: Check out this blog to read the thoughts of an obstetrics nurse.
  12. Life and Times of an L&D Nurse: This labor and delivery nurse has a heart for families and babies, as well as a perinatal comfort care program.
  13. Octopus Mom: Octopus Mom is written by a NICU nurse and mom.
  14. RN to BSN Online Degrees: This blog is written by a nurse who discusses nursing education.
  15. A Midwife’s Tale: Get a warm fuzzy feeling from the tales on this blog.
  16. 10 Centimeters and Beyond: Nurse Lochia is a night shift labor and delivery nurse in the Midwest.
  17. Nursing Birth: This labor and delivery nurse offers a view from the inside.
  18. MomWifeNurse: Read the blog of a mom and wife who is studying to be a nurse.


These bloggers write specifically about the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

  1. Blog of a Wife and Nurse: Krystal is a Christian newlywed and RN in a NICU.
  2. Adventures in Juggling: This NICU RN juggles work, family, and more.
  3. NICU Parent Support Blog: Find information, resources, and support for NICU parents and families.
  4. NICU Nurse: Read this blog, and you’ll learn about the life of a NICU nurse.
  5. Tiggers don’t Jump: This blog is written by a night shift nurse in a level 3+ NICU.
  6. Uncompromised Airways: This registered nurse works in neonatal intensive care, and has a bit of an unbalanced work life.


Find out how midwives and midwife-nurses work from these blogs.

  1. The Midlife Midwife: The Midlife Midwife is a baby boomer who loves to catch babies.
  2. Birthing Beautiful Ideas: This blog offers thoughts from a philosophical doula-mom.
  3. The Midwives of Bethany Women’s Healthcare: Here, the nurse-midwives of Bethany Women’s Healthcare share thoughts, education, and more.
  4. Hands for Catching: This blog is a discussion from a nurse-midwife in training.
  5. Midwife Connection: Learn about woman-centered care provided by midwives on this blog.
  6. Bloody Show: Bloody Show offers a view from a soon to be midwifery student.


With these blogs, you can take a look at neonatal care from the family’s perspective.

  1. Mothers of Multiples Undressed: This blog is a community for mothers of multiples to share stories, advice, and more.
  2. Micro Preemie Twins: Read this blog for the story of Holland and Eden, preemie twins growing up.
  3. The Tomecko Echo: This big family shares their adventures with premature twins.
  4. Parenting in the NICU and Beyond: This blog is about the parenting of premature babies.
  5. The Lactivist: On this blog, you’ll learn about breastfeeding and parenting.
  6. Growing Twins: This family is raising twins without the owner’s manual.
  7. Adventures in Preemie-sitting: On this blog, you can read the story of a stay at home mom to a deaf-blind 24-week preemie.
  8. Stand and Deliver: Read about unassisted births on this blog.
  9. The Human Pacifier: This mom is an advocate of nursing and healthy childbirth.
  10. The Spohrs Are Multiplying: On this blog, you’ll read the story of a family that lost their premature baby.
  11. March of Dimes Share Your Story: Here you’ll find blogs for NICU families.

Advice & Learning

Check out these blogs to find resources for information.

  1. UNSW Embryology Weblog: This blog is an educational resource for current concepts in embryological development.
  2. Unnecesarean: Check out this blog to learn about unnecessary cesareans and how you can prevent them.
  3. Our Bodies, Our Blog: On this blog, you’ll find a daily dose of women’s health news and analysis.
  4. Pushed Birth: Pushed Birth researches why so many labors are induced and end in cesarean sections.
  5. Woman to Woman Childbirth Education: This blog offers childbirth education from women who have been there.
  6. Enjoy Birth Blog: On this blog, you’ll learn about enjoying pregnancy and birth.
  7. Science & Sensibility: Science and Sensibility offers a research blog about healthy pregnancy, birth, and beyond.
  8. Healthy Living At Home: Find information about healthy families on this blog.
  9. The Preemie Experiment: Read the Preemie Experiment to get information on the long term effects of prematurity.

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