Online RN Programs that Help to Combat Misuse of the Health Care System

Nursing has become a popular degree in recent years because of the ever-increasing demand around the nation.  What is even more popular is the demand for general nurses who are not specialized in any subject, but can simply work with any person in clinics or hospitals.  As a result, the online education industry has managed to capitalize on this demand by offering hundreds of different RN programs through online schools.  However, many of these future nurses need to be aware of the issues that plague the health industry, most importantly that of poor record-keeping, which has been a constant problem in hospitals around the nation.

Online RN programs now should attempt to rectify this problem by teaching their students the correct way to organize patient records.  This has become both easy and complex at the same time, as records are now solely kept online in various computer files, rather than the old folder-file system.  While this is easy for younger nursing students, this is difficult for older nurses who are not as adept at the computer and its many uses.  However, this is an important issue that needs to be rectified soon because of the many problems poor recording can cause in the health industry.  This is not like other professions in which record keeping is more of an annoyance than a problem; the health care industry deals with peoples’ lives, and pulling up the wrong record can have dire results for the patient.  What if the wrong prescription gets pulled for a patient who has a violent allergic reaction?

Problems like these have caused the health care industry to double back and take a closer look at its RN programs and health care administrator programs, skills which many employees learned decades ago.  As a result, many employees have been forced to take modern classes in order to update their knowledge of health care administration and adequate record-keeping.  While this is not a change that can happen overnight, online RN programs can help expedite this process due to the many online classes that are offered.  You do not have to earn a degree through online education, but can simply take classes that help you perform your career better in the long run.  Many companies now require their employees to take supplemental online courses every few years to retain an ongoing knowledge of the company.  While this applies to industries outside that of health care, this is the most important one which is should apply to because of the drastic consequences a lack of due care can have for patients. 


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