How Long Does an RN to BSN Online Program Take

Online programs have often boasted of the ability for students to complete a degree program through their school online in half the time it normally takes.  This is mostly due to previous experience, or the ease which comes with taking classes from your home.  However, online programs additionally allow students to complete degree programs at their leisure, taking only a few classes here and there until they finish their degree years later.  The many RN to BSN online programs are no different, and allow students the opportunity to continue their nursing careers by applying their previous knowledge to a new degree program.  This in turn allows students to earn an BSN degree at a faster pace than they would have otherwise.  Going at an average pace, the program typically takes around a year and a half to complete via online classes.  However, many nursing students are currently working in hospitals or clinics and cannot take off the time that is necessary to enroll in a full schedule of classes.  Therefore, online programs present a feasible alternative for many of these nursing students.

While an RN to BSN program can take less than two years to complete, most online schools have put no cap on the amount of time that students can take to finish the program.  This is different from many graduate degrees which typically allot only five years for completion, even at an online school.  However, the RN to BSN degree lets nursing students work at their own pace and discover the set amount of classes that is best for their schedules.  Nurses typically cannot take off enough time during the school year to allow them ample opportunity to finish a degree in a little under two years, and most therefore take several years to complete this training.

Online school has thus appealed to many RNs across the country, because it presents an option for them to further their nursing degree while still retaining their current job position.  Even more, the cost of these programs is relatively cheap when compared to traditional BSN degree programs which do not accept RN credits.  It makes sense for nurses to enroll in RN to BSN programs since they allow them to apply their knowledge of clinics and hospitals to a degree which will give them greater leeway in their future in the nursing industry.  The further fact that there is no set time for completion of this program has allowed many new students to sign up without losing their job, time, and money. 


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