Becoming a Specialized Nurse

Becoming a specialized nurse can enhance your professional growth by giving you more earnings potential, and increase your competency and credibility. It requires you to first find the right area for you and then learn as much as you can about it.

With around 80 nursing specialties, it is important to carefully consider which area you are best fit to work in. Consider your personality and how it influences your interaction with patients, what you enjoy learning about, and what environments you prefer to work in. Nurses spend most of their time dealing directly with people, whether patients or physicians. It is important that the best parts of their personalities are brought out by those that they work with. You should also take note of the areas of medicine that you are the most interested in learning about. Certain specialties may address different issues, topics, and treatments, and it is your job to know everything you can about them. Nurses spend a lot of time in their place of employment, so it’s vital that it is an environment that they can thrive in. While places of employment in the health care industry can be similar in their function, some may have slightly different environments than others. Where a nurse will work can often depend on their specialty, so it’s important to think about which types of environments you are most comfortable in.

Once you have figured out which area of medicine you prefer working in, you will have to become an expert in it by learning all that you can about it. The best way to do this is by earning a specialty certification through professional nursing organizations or associations. The first step in certification is meeting eligibility requirements. These requirements typically differ depending on specialty and credentialing organization. Requirements usually include a certain level of college education, a minimum number of hours working within a related field, and possessing a current and unrestricted nursing license. After meeting initial requirements, you will be required to pass a certification examination. These types of exams are meant to assess one’s knowledge of the specialized area as well as their ability to apply that knowledge in medical situations. After successfully completing the exam, a certificate is issued that serves as a validation of one’s expertise in the field. Certifications usually will last a number of years before one will be required to seek recertification through re-examination or continuing education courses.

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