Long Distance Relationships for College Students

Long distance relationships can be difficult for any couple, but they are a special challenge for college students. Maintaining your relationship during this time of change and stress can put a strain on what you share, but going away doesn’t have to mean the end. Check out these tips to find out how you can survive and thrive in your long distance college relationship.

Make each other a priority. It’s easy to let the quality time in your relationship slide when you have schoolwork and activities to tend to, but to keep the flame alive, you’ve got to put time in together. Don’t forget to make regular phone calls, video chats, and IMs. Even when you can’t be together, making plans for when you can see each other can make you feel like this distance isn’t so far.

Communicate effectively. Communication doesn’t just mean talking on the phone or sending emails. Communication is about setting expectations, explaining needs, and discussing issues that come up in your relationship. Carefully consider compromises, problems, and worries that you may have in the relationship. Answer hard questions, like whether you’ll date other people, and how often you will have a chance to visit each other. Setting up real expectations before you have distance between you will make your relationship stronger and can stop many conflicts down the road.

Be honest and trustful. One of the biggest downfalls of a long distance relationship, aside from not being able to see each other, is the challenge of trust. Going away to college apart can set each of you up for situations where the fidelity of your relationship can be put to the test. Have an honest discussion about expectations for each other, and stick to what you’ve promised, no matter what the agreement is. Trust your partner to not hurt you, and receive trust in return. Be a reliable partner, keeping phone dates and remembering to be thoughtful-these actions go a long way to reminding your sweetie that you only have eyes for each other.

A long distance relationship in college can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. With the right communication, time commitment, and a good level of trust, you can enjoy your love, even from afar.

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