Nurses Need to Find Their Niche

Registered nurses often don’t have to work for long before they figure out what areas of medicine they are drawn to. There are around 80 nursing specializations, and RNs have the option to be certified in almost any one of them through professional associations. To be certified one usually has to pass an examination as well as complete a minimum number of hours working in an area that is related to the specialization. While this may sound like a lot of work, there are many reasons nurses need to find their niche.

Nurses need to find their niche so they can thrive in a work environment. No matter where they are employed, all nurses are going to work with doctors and patients. But they may find that they fit into some work environments better than others and prefer to work with patients in certain age groups, with particular illnesses, or who are undergoing specific treatments. Nurses that find themselves drawn to the labor and delivery department may want to look into specializing in neonatal nursing, or specialization in emergency nursing may be perfect for the nurse who thrives in high pressure situations and fast-paced environments.

Nurses need to find their niche so that they can increase their job opportunities. When nurses are able to show off their expertise in a specific area, it can make them more employable and increase the number of positions they can apply for. Earning a certification in a specific area of nursing can improve a nurse’s chance of being hired when jobs within that area are limited. It also opens up career options when they are able to look for jobs within their specialized area, along with those in general ones. By being a certified dermatology nurse, one can increase their chances of employment because they can look for open positions at medical spas and plastic surgeon’s offices as well as those at health clinics and hospitals.

Nurses need to find their niche so that they can advance in their career. It is easier for nurses to advance in their career when they have a specific area they can do it in. When it comes to specialization the opportunities are limitless, and the more education a nurse completes the more qualified and competitive they will be. Sometimes experience alone is not enough to get a promotion, but earning a certification or two can set someone a part from everyone else. Nurses who have dedicated themselves to studying a certain area of medicine in their spare time are more likely to be recognized when it comes to promotions.

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