Does Transferring Schools Make Sense for You?

It is common for college students to wonder if they chose the right school. There are many reasons for these moments of doubt: academics, social scene, location, and distance from home to name a few. For many students, this uncertainty is just a passing concern. However, for some students transferring to a different school is a serious consideration. Making such a change is a major commitment. The student who transfers has to weigh many different factors before pulling the trigger on this change.

If transferring schools is becoming an option, the student needs to weigh the pros and cons associated with this move. Ultimately, going to college is about expanding your academic horizons. If you are at a school where you are either struggling with the material or you are not finding the course load rigorous enough, then you should consider transferring. Before you do so, consult your academic advisor to see if there is a way you can make your current situation more viable. You may find that your interests have changed and your current school does not offer enough courses to suit your needs. If you are finding the classes too easy, then perhaps challenging yourself at your current school is the change you need.

If you find after a semester or two that the social setting at your school does not jive with who you are, then it may be best to move on. As much as academics are the most important aspect of selecting a college, if you are not comfortable with the people around you, you will have trouble thriving not just socially but also academically. If you feel like you have made an exhaustive effort to find friends to no avail, transferring may be the best decision. However, just because you do not like your roommate or the people in your dorm is not reason enough to transfer. Make a serious effort to meet people before you decide to move on.

Maybe you didn’t do enough research on your school before you arrived on campus or maybe you have changed your outlook on college, so you need to make sure you thoroughly inspect the schools to which you are considering transferring. This is a time in your life of changes, so do not feel discouraged if you feel compelled to transfer. Use your experience at your current school as a learning tool to help breed success at your new school.

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