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For students interested in careers in the medical profession, or for health care professionals already in the workforce, subscribing to medical publications or journals can be an excellent source of information. With so many publications in circulation covering so many diverse topics, there really is something for everyone. Below we have highlighted several publications that are popular within the health care industry.

One of the most popular publications with health care workers is the American Hospital Association News. This bi-weekly newspaper offers health care and medical executives insight and late-breaking news from the field. It covers such topics as hospital business news, openings and closings, federal and state government activities and how they relate to hospitals, hospital human resources issues and the challenges faced by peers across the country. It is not necessary to be a member of the American Hospital Association to receive a subscription to this publication.

Another popular publication within the healthcare industry is the American Medical News, produced by the American Medical Association. This weekly, tabloid-style magazine has been in circulation since 1958 and is aimed primarily at physicians and their practices. It covers medical, health and business news and includes commentaries as well. It is also not necessary to be a member of this organization to receive their publication.

The New England Journal of Medicine is a highly regarded general medical journal that is published by the Massachusetts Medical Society. It is also the oldest continuously published medical journal in world. The journal is published weekly and offers readers new medical research findings, peer-reviewed articles and editorial opinions on a wide variety of subjects.

A popular publication amongst the nursing profession is American Nurse Today. It is the official journal of the American Nurses Association and is read by roughly 175,000 nurses nationwide. It focuses its content on addressing relevant issues that affect the profession, like the national nursing shortage, workplace safety and nurses’ rights. It also aims to provide career development tools to its readership and enhance the quality of their care giving.

So if you are hoping to learn more about a particular field of medicine, want to stay abreast of the latest industry news and information or just like to read about other similar health care professionals, taking a subscription to a medical publication or journal could be the best move for you.

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