Eating Healthy on the College Campus

Everybody knows that the key to good health is a sound, balanced diet. Eating healthy can seem impossible for many college students. For starters, a student’s schedule is so out of whack that it can be very difficult to develop a routine for meals. If you are staying up until the wee hours studying (cramming) and then wake up 10 minutes before class, chances are that you are not going to sit down to a complete breakfast. You’re probably not hungry because you ate a pizza at two o’clock in the morning, anyways. However, just as being successful in the classroom depends on strong organization so does having a healthy diet.

The majority of your meals come from your school’s dining hall. While the food selection may not be remind you of your mother’s home cooking, if you look around you can definitely find suitable options to fit a sound diet. Remember your basic food groups. Don’t be tempted to grab a slice of pizza for every meal. Your dining hall will have a full variety of fruits and vegetables that should be a staple of your diet. Talk with the director of food services to get their advice on how you can build a healthy diet with what they have available.

Self-discipline is mandatory for anyone trying to maintain a healthy diet. This gets tested even more so in college. One of the major temptations you need to avoid is late night snacking. Your body has a difficult time breaking down food that you consume after 8 o’clock, let alone in the middle of the night. This is not to mention that your options for late night eating are probably completely unhealthy. Chicken fingers, French fries, pizza, and subs are not good for you at any time and these are your options when you order food at midnight.

The key is to organize your routine so you are eating three meals a day. The cliché is true: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating something in the morning gets your metabolism working at its optimum rate. It also gives you energy to face the day. Follow this up with a light lunch and a substantial dinner and you won’t find yourself craving pizza at in the middle of the night. If you can develop such a routine, you will also be helping yourself to develop routines for other important aspects of your day, such as exercising and studying. This is a domino effect that is extremely beneficial.

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