16 Celebrities with Insane Health Regimens

Many people look at celebrities and think of them as some of the most beautiful and fit people in the world. And in many cases, that’s a correct assessment. But do you know what’s behind the sheen of celebrity health and beauty? Check out our collection of insane celebrity health regimens to find out.

  1. Cindy Crawford’s milk: Cindy uses milk in her health and beauty regimen, mixing it with water and spraying it on her face throughout the day. Although it sounds crazy, Cindy Crawford is amazingly well-preserved, and milk does offer proteins, minerals, and vitamins.
  2. Renee Zellweger’s ice: The ice cube diet worked for Renee Zellweger because even though she wasn’t getting nutrients, feeling a "constant feed" made it somewhat tolerable.
  3. Victora Beckham’s bird droppings: Victoria Beckham has been fighting her acne by using a paste made from the droppings of nightingale birds. Her husband David has reportedly tried it as well.
  4. Teri Hatcher’s wine: Teri Hatcher throws her wine in the bath as a softener and exfoliant. No word on how easy it is to get wine stains out of your bathtub, but we’re going to assume Teri has people for that.
  5. Padma Lakshmi’s rigorous workouts: To combat both baby weight and Top Chef goodies, Padma Lakshmi ran up and down 70 flights of stairs, lifted weights for an hour, and walked home.
  6. Jimmy Fallon’s green juice: Jimmy Fallon is so committed to avoiding getting sick that he drinks green juice with spinach and parsley at least once a day, and takes fish supplements.
  7. Eva Longoria’s placenta: Eva Longoria keeps her skin radiant with the help of placenta protein, by way of a facial cream.
  8. Usher’s abs: Usher’s famous abs are due to a clean diet with natural juices and an OMG workout. His fitness routine includes five circuits at least three times per week.
  9. Mel B’s nymphomania: Mel B burns calories by having sex with her husband 5 times a day.
  10. Kellan Lutz’s situp competitions: Twilight’s Kellan Lutz used to take part in situp and weight lifting contests with castmates on Generation Kill. Lutz hits the gym, hikes, swims, and even does lunges while walking his dog.
  11. Suzanne Somers’ fountain of youth: Suzanne Somers works to fool her body into thinking she’s a much younger woman by using estrogen and progesterone creams on her arms, as well as injecting estrogen into her vagina. On top of the hormones, she’s using 60 vitamins and supplements for sleep, weight loss, and detoxification.
  12. Christie Brinkley’s litter: Christie Brinkley rubs (clean) kitty litter on her thighs, using is as an exfoliator to prevent cellulite.
  13. Jennifer Aniston’s baby food: To ease cravings, Jennifer Aniston can be found eating jars of baby food, substituting two adult meals for baby food each day. With small portions, and lots of vitamins, it’s among the most reasonable of crazy celebrity eating habits.
  14. Katie Holmes’ venom: Katie Holmes uses Botox-like snake venom that freezes muscles in the face.
  15. Beyonce’s Master Cleanse: Although she has told others not to do it, Beyonce lost 20 pounds in 10 days during the filming of Dreamgirls by following the Master Cleanse. This includes drinking water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne instead of eating for several days.
  16. Demi Moore’s leeches: Demi Moore went to Austria for a cleanse that included leech therapy. They are reportedly highly trained medical leeches that can detoxify your blood.

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