40 Excellent Blogs for Arthritis Support

Arthritis manifests itself in a number of painful, limiting ways, and attacks all kinds of patients, even young children and babies. If you’re frustrated with clinical tests, pills and people who just don’t understand your disease, there is a supportive, informational community of bloggers on the web to help you. From alternative treatment options to simple advice on staying motivated to get through each day, here are 40 excellent blogs for arthritis support.

Informational Resources

While not all of these bloggers are doctors or certified experts, they do have legitimate, valuable information to share if you’re just learning about arthritis.

  1. RheumaBlog: Wren’s blog is a fantastic resource and center for encouragement for those wanting to discuss or learn about RA.
  2. RA Warrior: Kelly heads up this blogging community that’s filled with inspiration and information about Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  3. Arthritis: Carol Eustice’s blog on arthritis shares best tools for arthritis patients, medical research, and inspirational stories.
  4. All Joints Considered: Dr. Bruno Oliveira is a rheumatologist who shares on this Medscape Connect blog his findings and commentary on the disease. Great recaps in accessible language.
  5. Jen’s RA Journey: Read Jen’s blog if you’re also looking for alternative treatments for RA.
  6. Pollyanna Penguin’s RA Blog: While this blog does follow the personal journal of this optimistic blogger, it also offers good information about RA and an RA glossary.
  7. Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy: Similarly, this "superhero"’s blog shares valuable information about RA and profiles of people with RA.
  8. The Doctors’ Rheum: Find out what a rheumatologist has to say about healthy eating and RA.
  9. Osteoarthritis Information: Get information about knee osteoarthritis from this blog.
  10. Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment: If you have psoriatic arthritis, learn about its symptoms, causes, medications, special diet and more.
  11. Arthritis Connect: Join this blog community to learn about pain management, diagnosis, treatments and what your fellow patients are talking about.
  12. Diagnosis and Joint Pain: This blogger has attempted to find out kind of inflammatory and joint pain disease he has.
  13. JRA-Journal of a Radical Arthritis-Chick: Twenty-five year-old Mallory has had RA since she was three, and uses this blog to share information about the disease and raise awareness.
  14. Katie Stewart Vents about RA: After reading Katie’s blog posts about diet, exercise and feeling motivated, turn to her resource pages on yoga, what to expect as an RA patient and more.
  15. Osteoarthritis Info Blog: Here’s another blog that’s a good resource for learning about osteoarthritis and its medication and treatment.

Living with Arthritis

Read personal stories to find encouragement and daily living tips here.

  1. All Flared Up: Amanda was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when she was just 26. Read her blog to find out how she’s refused to compromise her love of life because of her condition.
  2. Facing Arthritis: Judith doesn’t have money for surgery, so she’s on the hunt for other cures and treatments that will help her deal with arthritis.
  3. Carla’s Corner: This author and tech exec has had two replacement surgeries and here writes about having arthritis and related health issues.
  4. Feelin’ Swell: My Life with RA: This blogger proves you can still travel, exercise and feel good even with RA.
  5. An Attitude of Gratitude: This blog is about a woman who’s learned to live a quieter but loving life with arthritis.
  6. Frozen Woman: Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis: Book and magazine editor Laurie details her RA progress and check-ups on this blog, helping to encourage others going through similar situations.
  7. Project Jennifer: Jennifer was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis when she was just a baby, and here she blogs about arthritis advocacy and all the trips and activities that keep her going.
  8. The Seated View: This is a touching and honest blog about living virtually her entire life with RA.
  9. The Single Gal’s Guide to Rheumatoid Arthritis: Through yoga and a sassy attitude, this single gal is dealing with RA the best she can.
  10. Muscles and RA: This young mother has realized she doesn’t have to give up being an athlete because she has RA.
  11. There’s Always Rheum for Improvement: "Rheuma Girl" was diagnosed with RA at 22 and had to give up her dream job soon after. But her blog is full of optimism and support, showing the promise for a beautiful life even with RA.
  12. RA Journeys: From the emotional to the spiritual to the practical, share the RA journey with this sensitive blogger.
  13. lipstick, perfume and too many pills: Journalist Nessie has psoriatic arthritis proves through her blog that she’s more than her disease.
  14. Mommy with Rheumatoid Arthritis: This blogger is juggling new motherhood with RA.
  15. Southern Gal with RA: Three years ago, this young woman was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis and despite her many meds, found that a change in diet helped the most.
  16. MAID in Alaska: Megan has several auto-immune diseases including psoriatic arthritis, and here she shares news and recipes about gluten-free and other foods that have helped her.
  17. Pens and Needles: This blogger (and law student) has RA, scoliosis and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy but proves there’s way more to life than doctor’s appointments — like gardening, cooking and meditation.
  18. Remicade Dream: A musician blogs about life with RA.
  19. The Truth About JRA: Young blogger Robin has been chronically ill for 11 years and uses this blog as an information portal for others wanting to learn more about JRA and how a new diet can change your life.
  20. Small Town Girl in a Big City: This Midwestern girl has moved to LA and writes about life in the big city, while dealing with RA and anxiety disorder.
  21. Arthritis blog: NHS hosts community blogs on their site for arthritis sufferers to find support and share information.
  22. The Tin Mom Blog: This blog is hosted by Arthritis Toady Magazine and fuels discussion about living with RA.
  23. Experiencing Rheumatoid Arthritis: Find inspirational, thoughtful posts about dealing with RA.
  24. A Chronic Dose: Laurie Edwards has written a book about living with a chronic illness (or multiple ones) in your twenties and thirties, and extends the discussion to her blog.
  25. Brass and Ivory: This blogger is living with MS and RA, and blogs to share tidbits of information, helpful advice, and more.

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