Go Beyond the Diet to Lose Weight

There are plenty of fad diets that could work – in the short term. Whether you choose to embrace the Atkins diet, South Beach diet, cabbage-only diet, or any other myriad of diets available, you will likely only lose weight during the duration of the diet. This means that you will gain all of it all back the moment you return to eating normally. This is why it is important to go beyond just dieting when it comes to losing weight. If you want your weight loss to be permanent, strive to permanently change your approach to health instead of reaching for a temporary dieting solution.

Most people gain weight simply because they consume too many calories and do not burn enough each day. This is a lifelong habit that lasts for months and years and leads to constant weight gain. In order to end the progression of your ever-expanding waistline, you will need to assess the problem. Instead of blindly following a dieting regime, scrutinize your current eating habits. Use a food diary to record everything you consume in a single day, and use a calorie counting tool (many of which are available online for free) to tally up how many calories you typically take in every day. You may be surprised at the number, as many foods contain far more calories than people realize!

Unsurprisingly, sugary, fried, and fatty foods contain the most calories. When you make it a habit to keep track of what you eat, you may find yourself naturally steering away from these foods in order to lessen your daily caloric intake. Consult with a trusted doctor on a daily calorie budget that you can stick to and choose foods that will allow you to feel full and stay within that calorie budget. Over time, you may begin choosing healthier (and lower calorie) fare without a second thought, leading to more successful weight loss and maintenance.

Making yourself aware of the foods you ingest is essential in losing weight permanently. By paying more attention to what you eat, you will be more likely to make long-term lifestyle changes that will keep the weight from coming back. The best part is that even once you stop keeping strict track of your calories, you will likely have learned how to better control your eating and how to pick better foods instead of being thrust blindly back into eating "normally" after spending months consuming nothing but cabbage soup.

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