Why Students Need to Drink Water

Sometimes it may feel as though your brain is completely fried. While it’s understandable—all of the heavy course load that comes along with being an online student can make you feel like a zombie—there is no time to zone out when you are in the middle of taking a test, need to buckle down and finish an assignment, or need to focus on audio and video lectures. However, research suggests that an excellent way to get that wheel in your head turning is to simply drinking a glass of water before and after class—this will help improve your concentration skills and will aid in information retention. This is due mostly because your brain is comprised of 90 percent water and needs water to help it function correctly. But water can also improve other areas as well. To learn all of the additional benefits of water, continue reading below.

First and foremost, simply drinking the recommended 6 to 8 glasses of water a day will help strengthen your immune system and help fight off illnesses and certain diseases such as the common cold and arthritis. This is because the more water you drink, the more you will need to urinate. And harmful toxins that cause you to get sick are flushed out of your system when you urinate. Drinking the recommended glasses of water will also help regulate you body’s Ph balance. If your Ph balance gets out of whack and starts to become more acidic then your body will not be able to easily absorb all of the nutrients and vitamins that one needs to stay healthy. Thus you will become more venerable to contracting diseases and getting sick.

Water will also help improve the elasticity in your skin and can help prevent acne—which is typically prone in younger college-aged students. How? While water helps flush out toxins that can make one ill, it can also remove toxins from our bodies that cause bad skin, like acne breakouts. While yes it is true that acne is mostly due to diet and genetics, another reason why acne develops is because of the many toxins that are absorbed in the skin from outside elements like pollutants in the air and the sun’s rays. If these toxins are not flushed out through your system via urination, they will definitely be released in another way—through your face, causing acne.

Water can also help one maintain a healthy weight in more ways than one. First off, water is a natural metabolism boosting beverage. Meaning, it will give you the strength you need to work out harder so you can burn more calories and stay fit. Ice cold water can even provide better results, experts say. Water can also help you lose or maintain your weight if you opt to drink a glass of water before you grab something to eat when you feel "hungry." This because often the body gives out the same signals of hunger (i.e. growling stomach) when in actuality it is dehydrated (thirsty). Thus drinking water before you eat may curve that hunger feeling preventing you from eating when it’s unnecessary.

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