Having a Strict Professor Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

So this is the semester you have a required course with one of the most dreaded professors on campus. You’ve heard rumors of brutal tests and harsh grading, and you can’t imagine how you’re going to make it through a whole semester under such a strict professor. While it won’t be easy, it may not be as bad as you think and could actually be an experience that teaches you a bit about what you’re made of and how far you can really push yourself as a student. Read on to learn why having a few strict professors during your time in college can actually be a good thing.

You’ll have to push yourself to excel. If a professor is too lax, you won’t have to work too hard to do well. Stricter professors mean that the work you turn it must be better and that you’ll have to improve in studying, test-taking and writing. It’ll be rough while you’re doing it, but it could make you a better student in the long run.

Staying organized isn’t an option. Never been good with organization? Having a strict professor could change all of that. You’ll have to get your assignments in on time, keep detailed notes and prepare ahead of time for tests and projects.

Your skills may improve quickly. Has writing never been your strong suit? Perhaps you’ve just never had anyone push you really hard to improve. When you know you’re going to be graded harshly, you’ll be much more likely to proofread and run through several drafts before handing in your paper. You’ll probably be a lot more willing to ask for help as well.

Every other class will seem like a breeze. After you’ve taken a hellish class, every other class you take at school will seem a whole lot easier. Plus, you’ll get a great sense of accomplishment from having made it through in one piece.

It can be good practice for the real world. In the working world, unpleasant bosses are often a reality. Learning how to work well with those who may be a little harsh or rough around the edges can help to prepare you for demanding jobs and bosses that may be in your future.

While you certainly don’t want every professor you work with to be an authoritarian taskmaster, every once in awhile it can be good to have a professor that doesn’t let you slack off and expects nothing but the best from you. It could be just the push you need to really get yourself focused and working towards doing the best you can in school.

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