Why Writing Is One of the Most Important Skills to Hone in College

You’ll learn a lot of things in your four years of college. Some will be useful on the job and some will really only come in handy when playing Trivial Pursuit. Other skills, however, will be ones that you’ll use over and over on a daily basis. One of those skills is good, solid writing. You might not think you have to worry about being a good writer in your field, but think about how much time you spend typing to communicate on a daily basis right now. That isn’t going to change once you graduate. Here are some of the top reasons that you’ll want to focus on being a better writer while in college.

You will need to make a resume. The importance of good writing comes to play even before you ever enter the workplace. You’ll need to produce a well-written, polished resume and accompanying cover letters. These documents will be your first impression with employers so they have to be good.

Your job will most likely involve some form of email communication. In order to come off sounding like the professional and intelligent person you are, you’re going to have to learn to express yourself in writing. Consistently presenting yourself well, in writing and in person, can go a long way to establishing good relationships with clients and employers.

You may be required to present information. Whether it’s a quarterly report or a detailed account of your research findings, there are a wide range of jobs out there that will require you to do a little bit of writing as part of your job. Knowing how to do it well will make you and your business look good.

Two-thirds of jobs with large companies involve writing. It’s hard to avoid a job that requires writing these days, so even if it’s not the central focus of your work, you can expect to spend a fair portion of your workday doing it.

Good writing leads to promotions. Paired up with good performance overall, writing can be one of the essential components needed to get ahead. In most fields, the higher up you go, the more writing you’ll do, so employers will be looking for stellar skills when choosing management or higher level players.

Even if your plans for a future career don’t include writing a novel or publishing research, it’s always a good idea to learn better writing skills while you still have a chance to practice, gain access to free resources and get help from professors. You may just find that those very writing skills help you to get and advance in the jobs you want with greater ease.

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