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Case Management Nurse

Case management nurses arrange for specific patient populations to get the appropriate health care for their particular illness or disability. Their work is often a blend of nursing and social work, and consists of assessing the needs of the patient and directing them to health care providers that can most specifically meet their need for quality health care at the lowest cost. Case management nurses have a continued relationship with their patients, and help facilitate alternate health care solutions if the patient reports that their needs are not being met. They often serve as a liaison between insurance companies and health care providers.

It takes a unique background to be a case management nurse. These RNs must be comfortable working across disciplines and need to have great organizational and communication skills. Those who wish to work in case management nursing should be prepared at least at the bachelor’s degree level with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). For this career, it may be wise to minor in social work, as the patient populations you will be working with are often low-income children and the elderly. Because of the complexity of case management, graduate-level training is increasingly emphasized and advanced practice nurses are highly sought after.

Entry-level nurse case managers earn between $45,700 and $60,900, but those with more experience can tap into a salary between $56,200 and $74,200, according to Case management nurses find their work rewarding because they often play a role in creating health care solutions for needy families and removing barriers to quality health care. They can also work in a variety of capacities, such as Medicaid/Medicare case managers for the government or workers compensation case managers for independent case management firms. They can also work as case managers in hospitals or in long-term care facilities. Nurse case management is a niche career that can lead to a variety of supervisory/managerial promotions.