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Hematology Nurse

Hematology nurses specialize in treating patients with blood diseases or disorders. Some of the more familiar diseases affecting the blood that a hematology nurse encounters include leukemia, sickle cell anemia and hemophilia. Hematology nurses take medical histories, perform examinations and work alongside physicians to diagnose and initiate treatment plans for various blood diseases and disorders. One of the biggest responsibilities of a hematology nurse is providing education to patients and their families on managing and living with a blood disease. Hematology nurse practitioners have the authority to write prescriptions and order diagnostic lab work. Hematology nursing is typically very closely associated with oncology nursing.

Prospective hematology nurses can prepare themselves for the profession by completing an accredited nursing program resulting in a nursing diploma, associate degree or bachelor’s degree, and seek experience in oncology nursing. Accredited degree and diploma programs are offered through hospitals, traditional universities, vocational/technical schools, community colleges and online universities. You must also become licensed as a registered nurse (RN) by taking a national examination. Those who wish to become hematology nurse practitioners will need to earn a master’s degree. Remember: there are few careers in hematology nursing alone, so if you are interested in hematology nursing, you should pursue careers in oncology nursing.

Since there are few jobs strictly defined as hematology nursing, the best way of determining average salaries for hematology nurses is to examine salary information for oncology nurses. In fact, if you search job listings, you will see a number of job titles in oncology-hematology nursing. An oncology nurse with 1-4 years of experience earns between $45,700 and $66,800, according to online compensation site Oncology nurses with 20+ years of experience can earn up to $77,370 per year. However, those who go into advanced practice nursing and are certified in oncology can earn an average annual salary of $81,500.