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Missionary Nurse

Faith and healing often go hand-in-hand, as many who are deeply religious view health and healing as extensions of spirituality. Missionary nurses are nurses who combine their religion with their nursing capabilities to provide health care to patients. Yet, unlike parish nurses who work with patients of the same faith, missionary nurses work with patients who are not of the same faith but may be open to learning more about the nurse’s religion. Missionary nurses work alongside physicians in impoverished countries as part of humanitarian teams, providing much-needed basic health care to poor residents. They council residents on nutrition, treat illnesses and injuries, and educate residents on the saving power of religion.

Nurses wishing to go into missionary work have varying nursing requirements depending on the country they will be working in. Just as the United States would only allow nurses from foreign countries to come in and practice if they adhere to American nursing standards, other countries will only allow in missionary nurses who comply with the host country’s nursing requirements. Aspiring missionary nurses should first become registered nurses (RNs), which can be achieved through completing either a diploma nursing program, associate degree program in nursing, or bachelor’s degree program in nursing. After successfully passing the NCLEX-RN, nurses should seek out a missionary foundation and determine what other requirements must be met.

Missionary nurses get to work with patients who desperately need health care attention and spread their faith through doing the work they love to do. Employment opportunities for missionary nurses should remain steady as missionary groups continue to regularly bring medical teams to impoverished countries. Missionary nurses earn varying salaries depending on the foundation through which they are employed and the country in which they work. However, missionary nurses do not join that field because of the promise of wealth, but rather because of the promise of spreading their own spiritual wealth.