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Nurse Researcher

The field of health care is complicated and new information and data on existing and new conditions are being churned out every day. This constant stream of new information and results is what pushes medical and medicinal technology forward. Nurse researchers play a big part in adding to the important research being done on illness, healing, and medicine. They may assist doctors and scientists in the interpretation of data, write grant proposals for further research, pen medical articles about their finds and theories, and supervise as well as conduct clinical trials. Some nurse researchers focus their work on one particular aspect of health care, such as cancer research or children’s health studies.

Nurses looking to specialize in research work must be registered nurses (RNs). Although nurses can become RNs through a diploma or associate degree nursing program, nurse researchers must have at least a bachelor’s level nursing education to work. Some positions will even require a master’s level of education. Students should take classes in research methods and participate in research being done at their school to gain more hands-on experience. After completing the nursing program, graduates must pass the NCLEX-RN examination to gain licensure to practice before they can work in the field with patients and lab equipment professionally.

With a rapidly growing population and advances in medical technology, there will be a real demand for health technology to catch up. People will expect major advances in health and medicine to treat existing and new diseases, as well as to improve the overall quality of life. Employment opportunities for nurse researchers should remain steady as medical research remains a top priority for health care professionals. Nurse researchers earn substantial salaries due to the demands of their profession, but they have varying salaries depending on their level of experience, employer, type of research, and geographic location.