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School Nurse

School nurses are important to the well-being and safety of students while at school. School nurses provide direct health care to students and staff at public and private schools. They also serve as health educators, teaching students about healthy lifestyle choices, exercise and nutrition. School nurses have various daily duties, such as taking students’ temperatures, recording symptoms and often calling parents to inform them that their child is sick. They also conduct general exams, such as vision, hearing, scoliosis and check for other developmental conditions. School nurses administer daily medication to prescribed students and serve as advocates for students with health concerns. In addition, they collaborate with staff and parents to promote healthy choices and safety measures for students to follow.

The education requirements for school nurses vary by state, except that all candidates must be licensed registered nurses (RNs). In order to become a registered nurse, individuals must complete an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing or finish a nursing diploma program. Once you’ve completed the required nursing education, you’ll be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN examination to become a licensed RN. Depending on your state’s school nursing requirements, some RNs may have to be certified in school nursing. In order to meet the eligibility requirements for taking the certification examination for school nurses, individuals must be currently licensed as an RN, have a bachelor’s degree or higher in nursing or health related field, are currently employed in school health services or have worked in school nursing over the past three years.

There are many perks to being a school nurse, such as favorable pay and advancement opportunities. According to, the median salary of a school nurse is $43,296. While nursing salaries may vary by state of residence and school district, most school nurses receive the same benefits and designated time off as other school teachers and faculty members.