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Online Nurse Schools

About Online Nurse Schools and Nursing Programs

Of course you have heard that professional nurses are in demand. Online nurse schools are available and expanding to help meet this demand. Now more than ever, as the population of the United States ages, an opportunity exists for those willing to begin or advance their career in nursing. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Registered Nurses (RNs) is the largest healthcare occupation, with over 2.3 million jobs. The job outlook for Registered Nurses is to "grow faster than average," or an increase of 21 to 35 percent through 2012.

Standardization of the nurse license is one reason that online nurse schools have flourished. Technology and trials of the major universities of course were necessary to develop the proper online nurse school programs. Faced with capacity shortages and lack of financial aid, more students have turned away from the traditional hospital nurse programs into university campus and online nurse education. Through both on-campus and online nurse schools students are exposed to high quality teachers, proven teaching methods, and financial assistance.

Advantages Of Online Nurse Schools

Online nurse schools do offer advantages for both beginning and advanced nurse students. A simple bulleted list of the major advantages for the online nurse schools student follows below:

  • Study and attend class from home, generally on a schedule that you create.
  • Cost of online nurse schools are less than traditional on-campus study.
  • Some online nurse schools will tailor programs to better meet your personal career goals.
  • Acceleration of completion if desired, 2 to 3 years or less if you have qualifying work experience or receive credit for prior nurse school coursework.
  • Availability of online nurse schools programs are generally nationwide and accessible even in remote parts of the United States.
  • Entrance is currently not as restrictive as traditional university study, enrollments are expanding rapidly.

Are Online Nurse Schools Accredited?

As with any educational institution, accredation varies by state and program type. All nursing programs, diploma, associate degree, and bachelor’s degree must be approved or licensed in the state for which they operate. The colleges and universities featured throughout this website are accredited unless stated otherwise. For example, The College Network is a group of well known universities in the United States. For strategic reasons, these universities have joined together to share technology and best practices. The College Network offers accredited LPN to RN, Diploma RN to BSN, RN to BSN, LPN to BSN and Health Care Administration Master’s Degree programs online.

No classes to attend, complete virtually 100% of your coursework from the comfort of your home. Currently licensed LPN’s and RN’s are pre-approved for financing. Fast-track options are available for most programs, however, you can complete your coursework at your own pace with convenient online and self-study learning formats. Academic advisors are available 8am to 11pm Monday through Friday, and The College Network guarantees your academic success. Currently The College Network education partners are the National League for Nursing, Angelo State University, Bellevue University, Boston University, Cornell University, Deaconess College, Indiana State University, Regis University, Salve Regina University, University of Southern California, and Vicennes University. The first step to advancing your nursing career is to request free information from The College Network.

Nursing Career Opportunities And Salaries

In general, advancement opportunities are more readily available for individuals who earn a bachelor’s BSN or higher nurse degree. Registered Nurses RN’s can accelerate or complete their BSN nurse degree at a later stage in their career. If you are currently a RN, please select online nurse schools from the RN-to-BSN list above. Hospitals and managed care providers are in need of employees equally able to function as supervisors and managers. For this reason the BSN and MSN nurse degrees offer more advancement opportunities. BSN nurse degrees are often prerequisites for admission to graduate nurse programs in research, consulting, teaching, or clinical specialization as well.

Demand for Registered Nurses RN’s is high and nursing school enrollments are currently too low to meet that demand. This will keep earnings of registered nurses growing ahead of other job types. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states the average annual earnings of Registered Nurses were $48,090 in 2002. Though the USBLS is a couple of years behind, above average job growth no doubt increased the current average. States such as California and New York were among the states where pay is higher than the national average.

Request Free Information From Online Nurse Schools

Whether you are just exploring opportunities, already are a Nurse Aid, Licensed Practical Nurse LPN, or Registered Nurse RN, feel free to request information from any and all the online nurse schools featured on this website.

Many of the leading national and regional schools featured offer both online and campus nurse degree programs. If you are not certain which program is best for your career, select the one closest to your objective. You will always have an opportunity to discuss nurse program details and your individual needs with a professional advisor. Federal financial aid is generally available for both the on campus and online nurse schools. Please ask your advisor for the latest details and how to obtain financial aid for your desired online nurse program.