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The College Network

The College Network School of Nursing The College Network has developed an alternative to the traditional college education. By using The College Network’s Comprehensive Learning Modules, you can learn in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. Take proficiency exams at a local testing center, and earn credit without ever stepping into a college classroom. The College Network’s educational materials are developed by professors from leading universities, so there is no need for textbooks. The College Network guarantees your academic success, and financing is available to everyone.

Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) Overview

The College Network ASN Associate of Science Degree in Nursing The associate of science in nursing (ASN) helps The College Network graduates deliver quality care, be effective members of the health care teams in collaboration with other health care professionals, and function as patient advocates within the legal and ethical parameters defined by the profession.

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Length of program: 12 to 18 months
Accreditation*: The degree granting institution is fully accredited
Degree Available: Associate of Science in Nursing
Semester hours required: 67 (31 general education & 36 nursing)
Pre-qualifications: LPNs/LVNs (in all states except CA, IL, MD, ND, KS, VT). Paramedics, Respiratory Therapists/Technicians/Care Practitioners, RPAs, Military Corpsmen (certain classifications), Physicians, Certified Lay Midwifes (in all states except AL, CA, FL, IL, KS, LA, KS, MD, ND, OK, VT, WA)
Online classes: No
Financial aid available: No